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Wallace Moura

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22 August 2017




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Developer at Tripmine Studios and Zombie Panic Source; Level Designer since 2010; Gamer; IT Student; Cookie Lover
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  1. Zombie Panic Source
  2. Portal 2
  3. Outlast
  4. The Last of Us
  5. Roller Coaster Tycoon (1,2,3)


  1. DownFall
  2. Transmissions: Element 120
  3. Portal Stories: Mel
  4. Black Mesa
  5. Nightmare House 2

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Latest 25 Comments
20 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away Been a while I posted anything here. I just want to say this is one of the best map packs so far....
22 Aug 2021 Abe's Spicy Mappack Platter Lots of good puzzles and battle scenes. You really know what's gonna happen, what you need to do ...
01 Mar 2021 A2B Trajectory 3 I really enjoy this map series from this author. You can tell he has his own design & style o...
14 Oct 2018 PhaseVille Hoi, that little door blockage isn't a bug Mr. Potato. After defeating those Combine soldiers and...
29 Aug 2018 The Lost City A good map with beautiful outside environment. That is the spotlight of this map with a great beg...
24 Aug 2018 The 72-Second Experiment Challenge Challenge Accepted!
16 Aug 2018 Simple Etape The start was good and alright, but after jumping the metal rail props, everything went to HELL p...
14 Aug 2018 Distress Signal Really sad to see this as an unfinished project label. It was going to an interesting story after...
14 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes The most wonderful and outstanding community-made mod we always have wished for - in GoldSrc! ...
10 Aug 2018 Dead Lab It was enjoyable at first. Pretty scary, dark atmosphere, nice touch with soundscapes and the pac...
07 Aug 2018 Bigger Guns Nearby Really impressive and amazing map design here. The touch is on its layout and arch. I had so much...
02 Aug 2018 Lost Industry Very fun and interesting map! Short but nicely done. It's not perfect or well-detailed, but it go...
31 Jul 2018 Overtime Hey! I've played this map last month! Glad to see it here! This is a relaxing map to play with...
30 Jul 2018 Hill Valley 2015 It's an "alright" map just to have some fun in your free time. Odd design with interesting placem...
28 Jul 2018 Freedom A simple and short map. Nothing big or new to see it. Just a very fast-paced ambiance, with lots ...
26 Jul 2018 Experimental Fuel Interesting and fun map to play without doubts! A short history and mod, still gave me some laugh...
26 Jul 2018 Drew Mobley's Prison Break What a crazy fast-paced experience I ever had with this little two-packed mission. I really liked...
23 Jul 2018 Justice Wonderful arch design from the inside to outside. I really enjoyed this map! Great job to the aut...
22 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way Wow. The first impressions were OK. Simple and linear map at first. When I needed to crouch, I no...
22 Jul 2018 Area 17 Jesus, this reminds me how was my first days in Hammer. Huge rooms, same use of texture for every...
21 Jul 2018 Silent Room Too dark to find a key where I couldn't use a flashlight. Too confusing and weird player movement...
20 Jul 2018 Fallout Vault 7 Interesting concept, yet weird layout worked on. It's a simple and fun map to play, but almost co...
19 Jul 2018 Vexko International I quite liked this little map! Simple design, nice ambiance, good walkthrough and cool combat. ...
17 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille First time reviewing a Ville so here we go! I've played this at the moment when it got released a...
13 Jun 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked the first part of the combat where combines block the pa...
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