FM Project: The Way

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

22nd July 2018

Life is about to get hard.

Both for you AND the Combine.

Collect new weapons and work your way through the maps, using clever tactics and precision shooting.

Good Luck!

Basic Details
  • Title: FM Project: The Way
  • Filename: hl2-ep2-sp-fm-project-the-way-v1.2.7z
  • Size : 866MB
  • Author: FunMasterNew
  • Date Released: 12 June 2018
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  • Copy the FM_Project_TheWay folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\ folder.
  • Start or Restart Steam
  • FM Project: The Way should now be listed in your LIBRARY tab.
  • NOTICE: This mod requires the Source SDK Base 2007 to be installed.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

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  1. umm, which ‘source’ folder, I got about 5 of them….

    1. I’d say Phillip just goofed up the installation instruction. You put the mod into the same folder as you would do with any other Source mod.

    2. nope, that’s 2 options tried, nothing in the library….and nearly 2 gig used up on the hard drive…

      1. ah, OK, sussed it…just get my 2 gig back then I’ll give it a go…..

  2. UL

    Can’t climb any of the ladders, and mouse sensitivity is huge, everything leaping about the screen, even when set to zero. Am I missing something?

    1. Roy

      Same here. I had to copy a cfg/config.cfg file from a working mod to this mod to make it work.
      I didn’t do a diff of the two files, so I don’t know if messes up the game play.

      Also, press the “e” key to mount a ladder.

    2. Eli briner

      the mouse sensitivity is all over the place! i can’t play.

      1. All of these mouse issues seem to happen because mouse acceleration is enabled by default. Also the mouse acceleration option is missing in the settings so you’ll have to open the console and type “m_customaccel 0”, that fixes it.

        1. Roy

          Thanks, I wish I had known that to begin with. I may give it another go.

  3. Maybe?

    Wow. The first impressions were OK. Simple and linear map at first. When I needed to crouch, I noticed my CTRL was a bind to spawn AK. Okay… then I was forced to reset my controls to default and everything was working normally again – besides I couldn’t use iron sights anymore with MOUSE2.

    The middle section of this mod was pretty fun and challenging to play – even holding the big guns. The variation of weaponry is cool and all, but I think having an AK and then a machine gun was very unnecessary and out of place in a Half-Life universe.

    I was comfortable with the number of enemies for the whole mod, until the end – holy jesus, so many Combines, Striders, and even a dropship. How am I suppose to deal with all of these? I died so many times after so many attempts that I was forced to use cheats just to drop medkits til I finally found a rocket launcher far away from my objective goal.

    Confusing and terrible way to end the mod tho. It could have been better after a long walkthrough. Still, a fun mod to play but high chances to get bored with non-sense atmosphere and unneeded high number of enemies at the end.

  4. Roy
    Lots of Problems

    I can’t understand what happened here. I was expecting a lot for the filesize.

    First the mouse is messed up bad. Only manually editing or replacing the config.cfg file can get you going.
    Second the ladders sometimes work. You have to fall back on the “e” key to get on and off.

    Maybe it was me messing with the config.cfg file, but my save file keep getting corrupted or the hl2.exe would just crash.

    If you are up to troubleshooting the mod, then it might be of interest. It starts off very slow with very little to look at and very little to kill. After a bit, it becomes too much to even to survive. I made it through by cheating only. God mode and lots of crowbarring.

    I think a lot of the filesize went to audio and some new weapons skins. Very little went to the mapping.

    So skip it and go with closure (hl2-ep2-sp-the-closure) instead.

  5. Roy

    Please change my from AI to it Maybe.
    After Koneko sorted out the mouse problems with “m_customaccel 0” it is playable.
    It still feels long for what it is and then it just ends.

  6. Unq
    Think Twice

    Went in knowing nothing about this mod. It appears to be a ‘tactical’ type of mod; there are ironsights for the weapons and a whole slew of machine guns (4 I think) that you end up getting. That, and I guess forced view roll is tactical. Whatever.

    So, fine. Apparently you can play through the maps of the main games with this mod and have the different weapons and I expect the enemy models & new sounds. But I’ve only played the maps included in the mod and for me that’s enough.

    The maps and design are the weakest part of this mod. If you looooove combat maybe you’ll enjoy this more than I did. Basically you’re storming everything the enemy has and shooting your way through. There are no puzzles. There are no quiet spots to contemplate or take a breath. And to be honest there aren’t that many interesting maps. To boot, I think at least two of them have recognizable sections ripped directly from the main game which was disappointing.

    This mod felt totally ‘dead’ to me. The enemies are just sitting there waiting for you all the time. There is zero ambient sound and thus the maps feel empty and wrong.

    You’re put in ridiculously hard situations a number of times – including two major challenges near the end. They are survivable but you might have to cheese a little (snipe from a hidden spot) and I recommend you turn the difficulty down a notch from your usual comfort zone.

  7. Avoid It!

    This… this is bad.

    Hard point to start off on, but considering the file size, I was expecting a lot more from this.

    Problems started as soon as a booted up, the resolution unable to get to my usual level, causing things to look wonky. Didn’t have the mouse issues people above were talking about, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t a good start. Then there’s the weapons.

    While most of them look nice, many of them overlap in purpose and the addition of ironsights doesn’t even do anything, as weapons are quite accurate on their own.

    Level design is blegh, blocky buildings, tons of enemies strewn about, and enemy models that make it hard to distinguish shotgunners from regulars. Which is especially punishing with the high amount of damage people do to you.

    Though I did note the models looked quite familiar. After I finished, I decided to look it up, and what do ya’ know, it’s from Garry’s Mod. (

    After realizing this fact, I began to wonder what else was taken from other places. I found two others after a quick search, in the form of the pistol ( and Shotgun ( If anyone’s up for finding the rest, go for it.

    So now i’m fairly sure this fella was stealin’ stuff, as there was no crediting or nothing. I’m also fairly sure it’s Russian in origin, considering the use of a Russian Overwatch voice and broken English in the one line of text that’s there.

    This fact combined with terrible map design, pointless changes, enemy spam and one of the most abrupt endings i’ve seen, I can’t recommend this mod whatsoever, especially with that file size.

  8. Play It Now!

    Thankyou to FunMasterNew

    I try to take mods for what they are and not what i think they might be…. so as usual i go in blind and if i enjoy the mod i will really take my time and this i enjoyed.

    After reading the other comments i felt i had to add my pennies worth to try and balance things a little. It maybe a bit simple in design and a bit blocky on the graphics but what matters to me is the way a game plays and that can be so very different if u compare Easy to Hard, especially with combat.

    All things considered i would say this was a good effort but thats just my opinion.

  9. Darn, it doesn’t seem to work on my Mac 🙁
    Installed into the usual sourcemods folder and it then appears in Steam but doesn’t actually load any executable at all. Steam did auto-install the SDK of course fwiw.

    Curious – any other Mac guys here for advice?

  10. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    Ok, boys! Sorry, I can’t help it. I am a hardcore combat gamer!!! I just love this kind of mods, which I consider kind of scarce in HL2 Source mods. I love the new weapons! And in this mod, we can almost smell the lovely scent of gunpowder!!!

    Hell Yeah!! although this mod is linear as hell and quite predictable, The custom weapons make this mod pretty great every time you face a new combat, almost with no rest!!

    Call me crazy, and obviously, my recommendation is biased! but I loved every second I played this mod. It just has everything I like in HL2 mods. realistic military scenarios, custom models, and weapons!

    And also I know some maps felt more like shooting arenas, and most of them could perfectly be into a Multiplayer setting, The whole Single Player is definitely hardcore combat!

    Finally, I have to say I don’t know why I didn’t realize when this mod was launched, but I surely missed a great hardcore combat time!

    So yeah! I loved It, I’d love to play some more maps like this I hope the author has more maps because definitely, I’d love to try them!

    It was a solid Personal Favorite to me!

  11. Hec

    Just for a cheap maybe not funny joke at all. But I think this mod perfectly could’ve named: “Gordon Goes Rambo” haha :,)

  12. Think Twice

    Did not really enjoy this. When you start the mod the first thing you will notice are that the controls and the mouse sensitivity are really weird. You will also notice the visuals: every gun has had a makeover. There are also “new” weapons, which I don’t think is necessary, because the new weapons act almost identical to other weapons you have.
    The level design is… meh. It all looks very blocky and basic. I could see outside the map a couple of times. The lighting is nothing special.
    The combat is boring, a lot of the combat is on long range which means you will almost only use the pistol and the .357 Magnum.
    There was one part where I guess a big fight needed to take place, but not a single enemy spawned. Feels a bit weird casually walking around with epic music in the background.
    You might enjoy this mod if you just want to shoot things; if you are looking for something good and engaging, look somewhere else.

  13. Play It Now!

    Simple move around the buildings and Kill as you go. Nice assortment of new guns. Sometimes too many to enjoy. Really good. Replay ability.

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