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Night of a Million Zombies: Waterfront

for Half-Life 2

This warehouse by the waterfront was obviously a storage area for container crates and of miscellaneous storage crap before the infestation; now it has been converted into a stronghold by resisters, plentiful in ammo and weapons. It’s quite easy to hide from the hordes here, but in doing so you run the risk of running dry on ammo, or even worse, being a boring git.

You start out on the street with only you trusty crowbar to fend off the fiends, to the left is the canal, in all of its toxic goodness (swimming isn’t advised) to the right is the warehouse. In it there are a number of offices, a reception, and of course a few storage areas. The offices have been left almost intact apart from the holes in the weak walls.

The storage areas are mazes of zombie doom. The second floor is massively wide open, but be careful not to fall to the first. The platform up there provides easy transport across the warehouse. The yard is a loading and refuelling dock for the trucks that used to run through there.

To the west of the warehouse is a small garage plentiful of stuff to smash Zombies: Waterfront with. To the east are the gutted remains of what used to be some offices. Finally south of the warehouse, across the street, is loading access to the canal for loading small boats.


Total Downloads: 5416th August 2018
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Simple Etape

for Half-Life 2

You start in a small storage room and have to work you way out.

There is a larger outside area where you battle Combine soldiers and a hunter-chopper, that takes a lot of hits to bring it down.

After that you are off for a jump puzzle.


Total Downloads: 15414th August 2018
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Dead Lab

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Set in a research facility, where experiments were performed on non-human organisms, you find yourself fighting the things you were supposed to be protecting.

Do you go to the surface for help or deeper into the complex?

Alone and confused, you must make wise choices and use your skills carefully.


Total Downloads: 2739th August 2018
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for Half-Life 2

“Similar to Super Gordon Bros, this time Gordon somehow manages to get to Dracula’s castle. Of course, it’s full of zombies and Gordon’s duty is to cleanse the castle of this filth.”


Total Downloads: 1576th August 2018
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