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Just your average everyday Ink Demon. Big fan of source games in general, have been playing since HL2 first came out, and still play countless mods today.
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Usually quite aggressive, tossing grenades back at foes, lots of Gravity Gun usage, often low on Sprint, lots of hopping for extra speed, usually.

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  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine
  3. Darkest Dungeon
  4. Warframe
  5. XCOM 2


  1. Research & Development
  2. Mission Improbable
  3. MINERVA: Metastasis
  4. ToxicVille
  5. FusionVille

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  • Mapping: None
  • Modeling: Little
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  • Voice acting: Little
  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: None
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I have very little expertise in modding, and I'm only putting Writing high because writing is one of the few things I know about and believe that i'm at least fairly decent at.

Latest 25 Comments
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04 May 2019 Abstraction - Map Labs Test Tube #3 Oh boy, abstract maps. Now, I don't have a problem with abstract maps, but it's more whenever the...
28 Apr 2019 A2B Trajectory Anyone familiar with Stront's maps from the past Villes will immediately recognize their style. T...
28 Apr 2019 Supplier A fairly simple and short map. Exploration, followed by combat followed by a defense sequence. En...
17 Apr 2019 RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 - Map Labs #3 Ah, thank you! Took me a little to find the rest, but I found them in time.
17 Apr 2019 RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 - Map Labs #3 I think my point still stands. It didn't really stand out to me, nor was really brought to any at...
17 Apr 2019 RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 - Map Labs #3 Actually, the ending of Shwartz is explained through the audio logs. The alien came into the ship...
17 Apr 2019 RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 - Map Labs #3 Odd, I posted a review, and the meta-review data registered it, yet it's not here? Odd.
16 Apr 2019 RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 - Map Labs #3 Wowie, got a really big cast of mappers for this. Ridonkulous, 1UpD, XBLAH, Niker107, WALLe PL, p...
01 Mar 2019 Companion Piece - Map Labs Test Tube #2 Well, alrighty, the Third Map Labs is here. Let's see how it stacks up to the rest. [recima...
13 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 Welp, here I am, reviewing again. I haven't really been feeling in the mood to as of late, but a ...
11 Aug 2018 BossVille Oh, and forget to mention my rankings. First place goes to Deviant, Second to Mind Flayer, Third ...
11 Aug 2018 BossVille Well, BossVille is here. I'll admit there was a bit of expectations of lots of regular NPC boss f...
11 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes I only knew a bit about Echoes before going in, and me even knowing about the mod's existence cam...
23 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille Nice reference to the Blast Pit remake. I'm glad someone remembered that map.
23 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille I'd note with Metro that the helicopter actually can take out the roof with it's mines. Didn't re...
23 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way This... this is bad. Hard point to start off on, but considering the file size, I was expectin...
21 Jul 2018 Open Question 001 - Why do you think Valve haven't released Half-Life 3? That's... a complicated question, I think. It's almost assuredly not one single factor. This v...
20 Jul 2018 Cube Alright, this is a longer mod, so let's get some stuff out of the way. Modder/Modders is proba...
20 Jul 2018 Vexko International Another old one, but unlike the Area, this actually had some fair amount of effort put into it. ...
19 Jul 2018 I Love Corridors Corridors can be used for a lot of things in games. A transition, whether it be from level to lev...
18 Jul 2018 Introduce Yourself Forgot this page even existed. May as well introduce myself. I am Bendy, just an average every...
18 Jul 2018 Area 17 2004. A very, very long time ago. Puts into perspective how long we've been playing this game. ...
18 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille Well, here we are. Been a long time lurker, and with a new profile, now I feel it's finally time ...
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