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I did it all for the lulz.
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Latest 25 Comments
09 Feb 2020 Powerstation 17 This is one of the best HL2 mods I've seen yet, despite it's age now. Textures, design and lig...
29 Jan 2020 Rock 24 This one is a bit of a mixed bag. I don't want to be overly critical because it's clearly the res...
29 Jan 2020 Half-Life: Somatic A short but thoroughly competent little custom level. Nothing ground-breaking but it manages ever...
15 Jan 2020 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Contrary to some of the other reviews, I think this was even better than QR #1 - can't wait to se...
07 Jan 2020 Supplier A difficult and well put together map, with only a few niggles. Texturing and lighting is spot...
06 Jan 2020 Cosmonaut There really aren't any criticisms I can level at this mod on a technical basis - every aspect of...
31 Dec 2019 CromulentVille All of the maps are judged on technical/gameplay etc, as the theme is so broad every author seems...
30 Dec 2019 The Citizen - Excellent brush, texture and FX work throughout - Believable Half Life vibe to the level des...
25 Dec 2019 Anti-Citizen All the key ingredients that make Half Life what it is are here; clearly made by someone percepti...
24 Dec 2019 Half-Life: Abridged - Map Labs #5 [recimage id=3] Not much to say about this one. The colour scheme puts me in mind of the inter...
24 Dec 2019 Lost Industry It's okay and I agree with Phil's comments that the author shows some promise. The layout of t...
23 Dec 2019 Nuclear Plant Decent little map and a good nod to Doom (aka Half Life's weird uncle). Combat isn't too excit...
23 Dec 2019 Northern Petrol Storage Area A really professionally made short map. Open outdoor combat areas are interesting, multi-tiere...
23 Dec 2019 The Lost City Decent little map to kill some time and some Combine. The maps are quite linear but prop scat...
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