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Latest 25 Comments
11 Aug 2019 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere For 2006, the mod was done perfectly but there are big problems with the balance, there are a lot...
09 Aug 2019 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere For 2006, the mod was done perfectly but there are big problems with the balance. There are a lot...
06 Aug 2019 Precursor Interesting gameplay, beautiful mapping, everything is done very competently. The train ride and ...
03 Aug 2019 Union Perfectly made mapping in the style of Half Life 2. The gameplay is also done very well.
30 Jul 2019 Das Roboss Great work. The map is quite complicated, I liked it, the final scene is also good. The only th...
30 Jul 2019 Mission Improbable The best level design I've ever seen. I also liked the gameplay, the atmosphere is great and remi...
29 Jul 2019 Silent Escape Great atmosphere with beautiful mapping. The gameplay is very interesting and dynamic.
29 Jul 2019 Street Hazard Great gameplay with beautiful mapping and episode one atmosphere.
28 Jul 2019 Project 25 Great gameplay, interesting puzzles and beautiful mapping. The only thing I didn’t like was that ...
28 Jul 2019 Hells Mines Scare level: Typical Garry's mod horror map with elements of shooting. But I liked the puzzles on...
27 Jul 2019 Operation X Pretty boring mod. The maps lack ambient sounds, music and diversity. The gameplay is very corrid...
27 Jul 2019 Hunt Down the Freeman - 24 Hours Сool parody, well done in 24 hours. Nice OPEN WORLD gameplay.
27 Jul 2019 The Transformation Original map with excellent gameplay, especially liked the puzzles.
26 Jul 2019 The Lost City Two good levels with the atmosphere of the original Half Life 2, with an interesting gameplay.
26 Jul 2019 Lost Industry Not bad short atmospheric map with good mapping
25 Jul 2019 Lakeside Village The map is excellent, but the only thing I didn’t like is that there are very few ambient sounds ...
25 Jul 2019 Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Proof of Concept For the demo is very good, the gameplay is dynamic and diverse, the mapping also liked
25 Jul 2019 Bigger Guns Nearby Very good level, the atmosphere is like it reminds old games. Dark ambience fits well and the gam...
25 Jul 2019 Xenogears 2.5 poor mapping, terrible textures, badly made lighting on the map everything is done just awful. Th...
24 Jul 2019 Dark Intervention Really good but the map has flaws. As for me, the map is very dark and it repels, and it seems to...
24 Jul 2019 Upmine Struggle Boring gameplay due to the fact that there is no variety on the map, only shooting. The mapping i...
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