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Latest 25 Comments
24 Jul 2019 Squad Romeo Horrible artificial intelligence, non-oriented in space. Mapping is low. Numerous bаgs with II
24 Jul 2019 Day Hard Complete Disgusting study levels. A huge number of bugs with scripts. Uninteresting gameplay and terrible ...
22 Jun 2019 Zombieville The level looks good, but to pass quite boring. Lacks more horror and variety of gameplay. Too li...
22 Jun 2019 Sublimation Boring and not interesting. The idea is not perfect.
22 Jun 2019 Alter Research Complex The card has no end. Boring and not interesting. Although it seemed to be scary. We pass by (
22 Jun 2019 Freshman 0 gameplay. In the beginning there is no voice acting. A large number of bugs with sounds. I do ...
22 Jun 2019 Under Siege Bored and quite simple. But music diluted monotony of sounds)
22 Jun 2019 Man Hackers Only for those who have nothing to spend their time on. Square room and endlessly appearing Manh...
22 Jun 2019 Apartment PTK Very short map, because of what there is nothing to say about it. The only thing that I liked was...
22 Jun 2019 Leon's Mappack 1 At first it seems that this is a good job, but since the middle of the 1st card the fierce horror...
22 Jun 2019 Drew Mobley's Prison Break Great map! Dynamic gameplay, good level design and relevant replicas from the original Half-Life ...
22 Jun 2019 Alien (A) Very dynamic! Passed with great difficulty. Great atmosphere of the environment, but there are pr...
22 Jun 2019 Zombies (Version 3) Excellent update of the previous version
22 Jun 2019 Zombies (Version 2) Very good for 2004. Nice design and depressing atmosphere. There are big problems with the visual...
22 Jun 2019 Deadly Cargo Horrible and unprocessed map. I do not advise anyone to play
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