Alien (A)

for Half-Life 2

25th December 2004

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Defend a Combine outpost from the invaders.

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  • Title: Alien
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  • Size : 0.2Mb
  • Author: Death_Knight
  • Date Released: 25 December 2004
  • Download: at FileFront
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  1. Rick

    Very buggy. Most of the time the “aliens” would simply go and attack a turret that was not completely down instead of me.

  2. ForceFist

    I dont know where to wright this so I wright it here. I found an awesome HL2 mod called Half-Life Substance;3850575;;/fileinfo.html
    it can be downloaded by this link

  3. ForceFist

    Its an addon for HL2 singleplayer and it adds new weapons. 4 playable characters with each own weapon. Extra missions
    And more action and a bit harder gameplay!

  4. It’s on my list of mods to add. Thanks.

  5. this one regarding screenshot is nearly the same as zombie_onslaught it’a another with poor interest map

  6. Play It Later

    Very dynamic! Passed with great difficulty. Great atmosphere of the environment, but there are problems with textures and some objects. Also, it seems to me that the terrain is too empty.

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

  7. Maybe?

    Alien is a defense or rather survival map for Half-Life 2. There’s a small spot in the field we need to defend with our combine buddies against endless hordes of zombies. It has a few combine turrets that we can set for our defense. This map has no task and no endings just shoot as many zombies as you can until they overhelm you. It has a nice atmoshpere however. A battle in the dark and foggy field against the zombies.

  8. Think Twice

    It seems like a never ending wave of fast zombies for a small defense map. I really couldn’t see much since there was a dense white fog covering everything. Think twice if you really want to play it. There is nothing much to it and you die pretty quickly unless you have great aim.

    Score Sheet

    Usage of space and world brushes: 1/10
    10%. I give it a 10% because it’s made of 5 skybox textures and one grass texture as the world boundaries. I could remake this in 10 minutes.

    Visuals 1/10
    Too much fog. Couldn’t see a thing. Some trees I guess.

    Gameplay: 1/10
    Fight endless fast zombies.

    Final Score: 3/30 – 10%

    Final Comments: if you are really that bored, might as well play it later.

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