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Latest 25 Comments
10 May 2022 Day Hard Part 2 This one is a lot better than the first map. The game set in the small city. We are starting the ...
10 May 2022 Day Hard Part 1 Nostalgic map. This was the first mod for Half-Life 2 I ever played. I remember almost everything...
10 May 2022 Doki Doki Panic This is a NPC killing map. The map will automatically spawn metropolice with stanbatons and zombi...
10 May 2022 Head Sickness It took me 5 minutes to finish the map. Obviously it's unfinished but very detailed map. The main...
18 Feb 2022 Ruined Nation P.S. Download link is no longer active. I found it on the other site.
18 Feb 2022 Ruined Nation This map resembles City 17's street wars theme and design level is average. I know it would take ...
18 Feb 2022 Sublimation This map has unique idea but it failed to deliver it and make it enjoyable. This map allows you t...
18 Feb 2022 The House 2: Hypnose This mod was made by the same author of Underhell. I thought it was just a defense map at first, ...
12 Feb 2022 Antlion Deuce This is continuation of the similar map called Antlion Troopers by the same author. It's a lot of...
11 Feb 2022 Combine Onslaught The link on RTSL is broken but I found this map on gamebanana. It's a base defense map with allie...
11 Feb 2022 Night of a Million Zombies: Original This map has a lot of potential.. if it were designed for walkthrough. It takes place in some rav...
11 Feb 2022 Half-Death Avoid this map. It's not worth your time. After launching the map I found myself in some yard. Th...
11 Feb 2022 Alien (A) Alien is a defense or rather survival map for Half-Life 2. There's a small spot in the field we n...
11 Feb 2022 Manhack Defence All I'm going to say is that I'm glad I set my difficulty on easy. Because I'm not going to spend...
11 Feb 2022 Antlion Troopers HQ This is a very old map which came right after Half-Life 2 was released. It's small and simple yet...
10 Feb 2022 Introduce Yourself Hello, I'm Hds46 and I'm 23 now. I'm from Sakha Republic, Yakutia and I'm a Half-Life fan since ...
10 Feb 2022 Escape 2 by Tim Unfortunately this one is a lot worse than previous map. Again it's just typical escape scenario ...
10 Feb 2022 Escape by Tim One of the oldest maps from 2006. What I can say? This is just typical grab weapons, shoot enemie...
10 Feb 2022 99 Bolts: Chasing Winona - Proof Of Concept A Fallout themed map for Half-Life 2. The concept is quite unique for Half-Life universe but impl...
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