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5th October 2005

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A last-second warning has just reached your outpost; You must man a Combine gunship and defend against a final push by the rebels to clear the sands near City 03. Reports indicate the rebels will be using small arms, anti-vehicle weapons, both hand-held and vehicle based, and several attack helicopters captured during the fall of City 09.

Your life is expendable. The outpost is not. We have advised the Commander to flee, but are unsure whether there will be time to extract him. Dropships in the nearby vicinity will not be able to reach the outpost in time to assist. You are on your own; Do as ordered.

Author’s Note:
“Piloting this beast is difficult, but possible with practice. Right click thrusts in whatever direction the ship is facing, not the direction your view is facing. Look all the way up to align your view straight ahead. Forward pitches down, back pitches up, right turns right, left turns left. Hitting the ground makes it shake, but you can run into the walls to fix that. The blue glow is supposed to be there, its a damage indicator. Allright, there are a few bugs with this…While the damage display works generally, it likes to show zeros a lot, and doesn’t always show damage correctly when below 10%. I threw the source map in too, since my brushwork isn’t much and anyone can decompile my crap and see how the entities work, so…enjoy the source file.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Sublimation
  • File Name: hl2-sp-sublimation.rar
  • Size : 651.08kB
  • Author: mch
  • Date Released: 02 April 2005
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Think TwiceThink Twice


  1. Think Twice

    Boring and not interesting. The idea is not perfect.

  2. Think Twice

    This map has unique idea but it failed to deliver it and make it enjoyable. This map allows you to pilot gunship but controls are atrocious. The difficulty and controls makes this map literally unplayable. I had to cheat invicibility mode and airboat with a gun to beat it. Your base will be constantly attacked by waves of rebels squad with rpgs, buggy with mounted guided rockets, combine helicopters (Yes, these unkillable things from HL2). Your gunship will be wrecked in the first five waves and that’s the end of a mission. You also need to protect a combine general which is also ridiculous given such atrocious controls and unbelivable difficulty of waves. In the last wave your base will be attacked by THREE helicopters which is a nonsense. I can’t recommend this map to anyone. It has nice work with scripts (npc drives buggy with rockets, pilotable gunship) but that’s all. Avoid it! It contains .vmf file so it only useful for looking at scripts in Valve Hammer Editor.

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