Doki Doki Panic

for Half-Life 2

27th August 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods
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“This is a single map for Half-Life 2. So many enemies spawn on the narrow platform. You don’t have any weapon. Survive by using traps effectively. Try to kill all enemies.”

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  1. TERM1nu$

    Pass this one by. Very boring. Horrid.

  2. Fluffy The Hamster

    Score: 4 out of 5.
    Annoyance Rating: 0
    New Models/Skins/Etc.: Nope/Nope/Interesting looking falling glass wall.
    Gameplay: Trappilicious, with a hint of cream.

    Gordon “I GOT THE JESUS IN MEEE” Freeman appears on a giant tower for no reason, and attempts to kill people with random things… Translation: There is no story.

    This map is great. To explain more, this map gives YOU! Yes! YOU! The ability to kill your enemies with YOUR ENVIROMENT! After Fall destroyed my brain, I required something enjoyable that challenged my brain power. You can’t kill anyone with the average guns, because you don’t have any. You start with no weaponry, and have to use your WITS to survive! A scary concept, is it not? Fortuantly, Doki Doki Panic does it well.

    You spawn on top of a tower. Ya fall off the side and teleport back up and lose some health. Zombies and metropolice toting with stunsticks (Yes, beware of the toting stunsticks.) spawn also. If either chase you, you have to use traps to survive. Starts with an electrical death that kills slowly, to a rotating laser, to a huge trapdoor, to a fire pad, to a spinning blade and of course, explosives. May sound complicated, but it’s actually very fun. If your damaged, pick up the medikits from the dead metropolice. Unfortunately, that’s about it.

    A baking cake smelling of strategy, with a sprinkling of creative thinking. Useful for any children’s party. And the map isn’t bad either.

  3. if you go to Tetsu’s website he has several more Half-Life 2 maps. Everything is in Japanese but you can download the maps from his site.
    Tetsu HL2 maps

  4. if you go to Tetsu’s website he has several more Half-Life 2 maps.


    I already have them listed on PP:
    Tetsu’s Maps on PlanetPhillip
    Ignore the first result!

  5. Zyre

    Sounds a bit like ssh

  6. Maybe?

    This is a NPC killing map. The map will automatically spawn metropolice with stanbatons and zombies, so they will fight each other while the player actviates deadly traps to kill them all. There’s some interesting traps: falling window, concrete block, flames, falling platfrom, lightning, laser, rotating blade (different from HL2 one), explosion, explosive barrels and weird push trap. All of them are capable of killing player so we have to be cautious. 10 min of fun until the boredom overcomes you.

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