Apartment PTK

for Half-Life 2

30th March 2005

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

You are a resistance member. You are with a group that has been using an empty apartment building in an abandoned part of City 17 as an outpost. The Combine discover the base and soldiers are sent to deal with you guys. The rebels find out and evacuate. You ,however, “volunteer” to stay back to collect and store the equipment. But the Combine arrive earlier than expected. Now you must fight your way to the rally point, which is in a nearby building.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Don’t leave the starting room just yet. Look around for a weapon.
  • Want to really have some fun? Set the difficulty to HARD!!!
  • Use the health kits sparingly.

Basic Details
  • Title: Apartment PTK Map
  • File Name: ptk_sp_apartment_101.zip
  • Size : 1.3Mb
  • Authors: Puppet_That_Kills and sonnyregis
  • Date Released: 30 March 2005
  • Download: ptk_sp_apartment_101.zip at FileFront
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    Apartment PTK is one of this Map that I’m enjoy to play again and again and….It’s very funny to run in the apartment of the building and to fight in each room….!!!!
    More of this, please !
    CYBERFUN (a contend HL2-user from Switzerland)

  2. Nakazoto

    An enjoyable, albeit short, map. At times I dont know if the AI got wacky or what but it was like 8 combine soldiers in a small room and all I had was a pistol… got kind of hectic. Not a bad map, download if you feel like killing 20 minutes. 😛

  3. 2muchvideogames

    this map works like a ramp of increasing difficulty. The first area is all CP, the second area has a platoon of combine, and waiting at the apartment exit is a squadron of your favorite jack-booted friends. Quite a challenge.

  4. Play It Later

    Very short map, because of what there is nothing to say about it. The only thing that I liked was the competent placement of enemies on the map and clear level design.

  5. Maybe?

    Very good map. The plot is less tolerable. Enemies are enough and the difficulty level is good.
    That’s only when the card starts, you get stuck in bed and only noclip personally could help me.

  6. Maybe?

    Had potential to be a lot better. Looks and plays ok. Worth a play through.

  7. Maybe?

    This is a pretty simple mod, which is in line for a map this old.


    The setup is pretty basic, a simple apartment raid by CP, then soldiers, that you have to escape from. There’s really not much else to be said about it than that, it’s a common choice for maps like these.


    Visuals are basic, but they work. It’s all just simply apartment textures from the base game. It looks fine for a map from 2005, no real complaints.

    It does have some music, but it’s just base game music. Still, nice to have in an early custom map.


    Probably the biggest misstep in the mod is the gameplay. As with a lot of mods like these, their way of making it “challenging” is to toss a ton of enemies at you. Especially near the beginning of the map, this is a problem, as if you don’t find the hidden weapon at the start, you will take a lot of damage. While the rest of the map isn’t quite as bad as the first few minutes, it still will throw a lot of enemies at you, and given how cramped the rooms in the map are, it means there’s not much room to avoid getting hit or run from enemies.


    While it’s alright for what it is, I can’t say that it’s worth playing much. It’s very short, and it’s a bit annoying with the amount of enemies. Maybe if you’re bored and want to try out one of the better old maps, give it a go.

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