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14 Jan 2021 Drew Mobley's Prison Break Wow) Very well done. Play as a full-fledged mod. I recommend to everyone. I was very pleased wit...
21 Aug 2020 Big Bang Died 3 times) Once due to the fact that a helicopter exploded. There are few enemies for me. Mean...
18 Aug 2020 City Prison 5 Not bad. Why isn't there nothing highlighted at the end? For example, did you pass the map?
28 Apr 2020 Ravenholm Clocktower I liked the map, without bugs, with a mini plot. But something was still not enough.
27 Apr 2020 Fallout Vault 7 Good map and good storyline. I would play fallout in Half life 2 with joy.
25 Apr 2020 The Hidden Lab Nice map. Difficulty levels are not very different. The most difficult to walk is very simple. It...
25 Apr 2020 The Laboratory Done, I’m still working on the world a little bit and we could make a mod.
24 Apr 2020 Apartment PTK Very good map. The plot is less tolerable. Enemies are enough and the difficulty level is good. ...
24 Apr 2020 Headcrab Panic I didn’t even finish to the end.
24 Apr 2020 Cliffside Assault: Warehouse At one time. And so nothing special.
22 Apr 2020 Run Like Hell Pretty hard card. Bugs did not notice. It will do once.
21 Apr 2020 Caves Unfinished card! It’s impossible to drive on a trailer, it’s stuck.
21 Apr 2020 Day Hard Complete Very fun mod. Spacious locations and funny missions. The mission in part 5 is generally difficult...
15 Apr 2020 La Mesa Very buggy map. Nothing interesting, short and crooked.
15 Apr 2020 Half-Death It`s not working...
13 Apr 2020 Area 17 Go down once. Textures are just curves.
13 Apr 2020 Maze Of Death A simple maze with a small number of enemies. Nothing special. Map passed when you find Alex.
13 Apr 2020 Urban Combat Boring map.
13 Apr 2020 Hostage Cool card. A small mod can be said. For a ride.
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