Day Hard Complete

for Half-Life 2

10th December 2006


DayHard is a single player adventure set before the events narrated in Half-Life 2. You play as Gordon’s brother, Morgan Freeman. He’s not timid like Gordon: he’s able to talk to people, and even to make comments on the situation! Unbelievable, huh? What’s the story? Well, let’s just say that one day Morgan finds the Combines knocking at his door: from then on, it will be a constant fight for survival (We hired Wilbur Smith to write this script).

Throughout his journey he will face many obstacles, fight tough enemies, but also meet few special friends… Even without a fancy suit, or an acceptable knowledge of gravity, Morgan will have a valid arsenal at his disposal, including a shiny katana.

DayHard focuses on being funny rather than revolutionary. A huge amount of scripted sequences are used to give life to idiotic moments, memorable cutscenes and a very rough storyline. The focus here is on action and humour: if you remember that you’ll enjoy the ride. Particular emphasis was also placed on the production of custom voiceovers; expect professional quality. Do you want boring numbers? Here: The mod features 6 playable maps, over 150 new textures, 16 models, more than 150 custom voiceovers, and tons of virtual sweat.

Basic Details
  • Title: Dayhard
  • File Name: hl2-sp-dayhard-complete.7z
  • Size : 111.77MB
  • Author: Smanu85
  • Date Released: 16 December 2005

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The PP file for Dayhard Complete is already patched with the 02 Patch and 03b Patch so it is up to date as of 02/09/2013.

Download to your HDD [111.8MB]

Installation Instructions (Steam)
  • Extract the DayHard folder into your Sourcemods folder
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • DayHard should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


A walkthrough for this mod is available. It is in PDF format. You may be able to open this directly in your browser, depending on which one you use and its version or alternatively you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader


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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. I have to admit to being slightly confused. I have three smaller parts of DayHard on the site but the total file size of all three is barely 20Mb.

    Can anybody explain why the complete version is over 100Mb?


  2. Syndicated Review

    Mod Resource

    Rating: 4/5

    Good: Fun fun fun; All new content; Originality.
    Bad: Confusing at first; somewhat unrealistic.

    Dayhard. We first heard about this mod a few months ago by way of a hilarious video showcasing the unique characters, custom content, and the expected style of game play, and there was already a significant amount of content to boot! While other mods were being made, and their features talked about, DayHard has actually delivered. So, onto the review!

    Installation is a breeze. Download the 137MB exe, open it, and press Next. That’s about it. Start up Steam, and you’re ready to go kick some ass. The opening (background) scene of the menu is quite good, I think you’ll appreciate its humor. There’s nothing custom about controls or anything, so the only time you’ll need to spend in the Options menu will be to change resolution and detail settings. Now, moving on to the game…

    After a (very) brief credits video/scripted scene, you step right into Morgan Freeman’s shoes. Morgan Freeman the actor, you ask? No, this Morgan Freeman is Gordon Freeman’s lesser known brother. Taking place before the events of Half-Life 2, you must figure out what is going on. Through the eyes of Morgan, you battle the Combine troopers who have apparently taken over your apartment complex! After that I won’t say what happens, but rest assured you’ll get plenty of laughs and have a great time.

    The architecture of the maps is great, there are some puzzles to be solved, switches to be thrown, secrets to find…lots of great stuff. Their is lots of custom content, including textures, models, weapons, characters, and sounds (music and voices). Probably my favorite weapon is the katana (sword), it makes for a one-hit kill on the Combine, and they go flying back when you hit them! Fun to do and it never gets old. Especially when paired with the physics of the Source engine. The HUD font has changed, as have some of the weapon icons and weapon description (as would be expected from such a project). The voice acting and scripting in the mod is well done. While the NPC characters talk, you actually get to hear Morgan Freeman talk too, and I thought the dialog was interesting and humorous. The music is probably a love-it or hate-in relationship, I personally found it bouncy, entertaining, and fitting of the mod, so no complaints from me on that subject.

    Moving on to complaints, I have only a few. One, it took me a little while to figure out what to do at the beginning. After you do figure it out (hover over for a tip) however, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before since it is so obvious. I guess that means games aren’t so straight forward anymore, which is a good thing. Second, you have to admit the mod isn’t very realistic. A sword that sends you flying back fifty feet when struck? Then again, there is a disclaimer on the DayHard web site that says the mod is not supposed to be serious or revolutionary, but rather for fun and humor, so I don’t think you should knock it too much.

    Overall, don’t let my complaints discourage you from downloading and playing DayHard. I guarantee you (as best I can), that you will have a great time and laugh while playing it. Seriously, the katana is a blast to use. The content is new, the maps are fun, the voice acting is superb, what else do you want? Download it.

    This review was written by kyle johnston and first appeared on Mod Resource and is republished by express permission.

  3. Mike S

    I played and enjoyed the individual maps, but when I tried this mod several months ago, I exerienced a lot of problems – namely crashing when loading from a saved game. I might give it another try though.

    As for the size, it says this mod contains 6 maps, whereas the DayHard maps numbered 3. So unless the individual maps were actually dual map-packs, it looks like this mod has double the playing area and probably a few more cut scenes. But I’m only guessing.

  4. Fluffy The Hamster

    Attempted to download. Cut out twice. This is what happens when you are in the middle of fucking nowhere, Ireland and have a shitty internet service that ISDN could shit on.

    It’s limited bandwidth, too.

    I recommmend this from the memories that I have of it from several months ago. It was one of the first mods for Half-Life 2 and arguably one of the best.

  5. Was a great mod perhaps sometimes confusing but worth to play, the only think I make some critics about is that is seems like the authors wanted to make and more when they arrive at the end…to much things destroy good things.

    Texture and models were great, sound and music too also the cooding was excellent only the mapping could disapoint a little

  6. I have to admit to being slightly confused. I have three smaller parts of DayHard on the site but the total file size of all three is barely 20Mb.

    Can anybody explain why the complete version is over 100Mb?


    Originally this had a screwy release schedule – there were several test versions released before Part One (full version) came out. Then there were two sequel parts. This is the full “series” of maps.

    The mapping in these is terrible but bits of it (Father Grigory hitting on every women he can, the fact that your sidekick and best friend is Jack Carver from Far Cry and he keeps sloping off at crucial moments to watch Fresh Prince Of Bel Air re-runs, CP’s taking time out to dribble basketballs or go dancing, and lots of other crazy stuff) are absolutely hilarious.

    It got crazier as it went on but I never finished it as the crappy mapping kept lagging my PC out.

  7. Originally this had a screwy release schedule – there were several test versions released before Part One (full version) came out. Then there were two sequel parts. This is the full “series” of maps.

    I still don’t see how if this release contains the same number of maps as the three parts already on PP why the file is so much bigger.

  8. Frederick

    Just downloaded file and extracted with three different programs. All three programs said at least three maps (breenscave, map3, map4) were broken and a number of other items as well.

  9. I just downloaded and tested useing winrar and it extracted fine.No errors

  10. This is super strange! I’m uploading it directly to my server for those people who have trouble. If you want a link then you must include your working email in your comment (Only I can see it, not other PP users)

  11. Phillip I think I know why the file size is different.I looked through my collection and found a Dayhard.exe file that was 137mb and also a patch for it.In the patch it lists fixes for dayhard part 4 that I didnt know existed.

    “This patch FIX:

    -Changing the default keys in-game, no more results in a reset next time DayHard is loaded.

    -Improved graphic in the map (specially the lights in the rooms).
    -Deleted the gasoline tank to avert scripts problems in the map.
    -Corrected minor problems in part4.

    -Improved graphic and perfomance in several zones.
    -Energy field bug should now be okay…(I hope!).

    -If your pc doesn’t load the map, I’ve added a client-side command to load part4.
    Note: The map will load but you’ll not see “Loading…” on the screen.
    -Improved skybox detail.
    -Corrected a zoom problem with the camera.

    -Jack now will follow you in the tram.
    -Corrected minor problems in part4.”

  12. After downloading the 3 dayhard files you have on the server and comparing them with this one I see the difference.This file has 10 maps where as your other 3 only have 3 total.This one also has a sound folder of 53mb

  13. Interesting,53Mb of sound is quite a lot. Maybe they combined some of the maps. I suppose the only real way would be to play all four files and note the differences. (I’m not actually suggesting that anybody does this, just saying.)

  14. 123

    Dayhard is quiete old. I at least, played it last year. I dont know why is it here just by now? BTW, the better level is the third, inside the abandoned apartment.

  15. why is it here just by now?

    Because I only just found out it was released as a complete set.

  16. dufferx

    Once again I have tried to get through this, but to no avail. Off my machine it goes as it is too cracked to bother way. Shame.

  17. dufferx there is a walkthrough if you get stuck

  18. dufferx

    No, I didn’t get stuck. It was just a mess on my machine and would freeze from time to time. It’s not the first time I tried to play it and it’s not the only machine I have tried it on.

  19. Yes its a bitch on pc/vid card but only for first map.Its ok after that for me.

  20. Frederick

    I find it to be irritating. If you don’t follow the correct sequence, like jump out the wrong window, it gets screwy. Then you have to try to retrace your steps accompanied by the worst music ever. I tried to turn the music off, but it won’t go away. Also, I missed the sword and have no way to get it after leaving the apartment building without starting all over. Not gonna happen with that stinkin music.

  21. Anonymous

    I’ve made it thru to Map 4. Now I am doing the the stealth walk around a small compound with Jack. Can’t figure out what to do next. Any clues? The walkthru stops at Map 3.

  22. If your where I think you are,thats the hardest part of the game.There is a rich text walkthrough with pictures available on thier site in the downloads section.It covers it all.

  23. I was actually surprised to find that this mod was even listed in 3 seperate parts instead of a whole. It’s been nearly a year since I played the whole thing. I had read on a comment posted for Day Hard 1, that this is from Russia. Far from it. Carlo Piscelli & his team are from Italy. I had SO much fun playing this mod that I started a rapport with Carlo & still talk to him. Brilliant guy who is also a director & cartoonist (which is why there are a lot of cut scenes). Too bad I can’t post anything of his work here.

    The game is simply insane really. The very first of it had me stumbling around until I figured out what to do but, after that, it pretty much all fell into place. Only problem/bug I had was during a next map load (after the robot), I was loading into a tree & stuck there. I had to just reload the map & start from there. By the way, all that lurking about the camp not trying to get caught … if you don’t want to go through that hassle, just walk all the way to your right & straight ahead (around the camp) & there will come a point that Jack eventually jumps over the wall to join you.

    Father Gregorio is made out to be an insane little bugger which was funny. The arms dealer & what you have to do for him was hilarious. Being able to switch sides & play combine undercover during gameplay was BRILLIANT. There’s some sex stuff in there with a Vortignaut (yikes). Voice overs were great.

    Anybody or anything that can make me laugh that much is worth a 5/5 rating (which isn’t high enough).

  24. I can see the appeal of this mod. As far as I know, it’s pretty unique. The custom content is pretty impressive.

    The music–ah yes, the music. Unbearable. And what really drives me nuts is that I always have to play with headphones, and with my audio channel setup (don’t ask), there is no way for me to turn down just the music volume.

    But what really bothers me about this mod is its difficulty. Maybe I’m the only one who sucks this much, but it’s the hardest map/mod I’ve ever tried. This is in part due to the relative dearth of ammo and health in some parts, but mainly due to the rapidity with which the player’s health is lost when taking fire. There are also enemy dynamics (e.g. RPGs being fired at you) that add to the difficulty still more.

    I’m at the point right after the “big green thing” (

  25. My comment was cut off accidentally because (apparently) the interpreter didn’t like something I typed. To continue:

    I’m at the point right after the “big green thing” (spoiler avoidance) was taken out, and I’m not sure if I’ll bother to continue playing it. I can’t stand having to hit F9 500 times a session.

    Please don’t bother saying “It’s not that hard for me”. I know, I’m not the best player in the world; no need to remind me.

  26. If you are or aren’t the best player in the world, we would never be the wiser.

    I would play on the Easy setting. It is difficult, but not to worry. I found the first stages to be the hardest. Wait, I take that back. I thought the camp was pretty hard until I found the shortcut (see comment 26); but my stealth abilities weren’t up to par.

    I would normally NEVER EVER suggest this, but for this mod in particular, I will. If you’re thinking about just quitting (but like the style of humor), it would be worth it to God through the rest of it.

  27. I would play on the Easy setting.

    I am! 🙂

    I guess I have a low frustration level. I also find it very ironic that this mod–which is very off-beat and humor-driven–is also by quite a measure the hardest I’ve come across. If anything, I’d expect the opposite.

    I considered god mode, and my use it. I like how, if you enable the console option (which they have disabled by default, which is unusual), you find they’ve named it “If you cheat, you suck!”. Gee, thanks! (I want to say, “If you make me have to cheat just to finish, you suck! 🙂 )

  28. And btw, I must be the only one here, but I rather liked the music!

  29. “If you cheat, you suck!”. Gee, thanks! (I want to say, “If you make me have to cheat just to finish, you suck! 🙂 )

    I hear ya & couldn’t agree more.

  30. Mel
    Play It Now!

    Just a note to all who may have started this mod and given up. With the help of the walkthrough give it another try, it’s well worth the effort.

  31. I read the walkthrough for this mod and I found it to be no help at the breen battle. Can someone help me?

  32. Mel

    I guess you have reached the end boss scene, after going through the cave-maze.

    If so, it’s a matter of firing rockets into the mouth of the machine until it explodes.

    But it’s difficult to stay alive long enough, I cheated.

  33. I kept on firing the rockets into the mouth. With each rocket, I saw a purple glow from the mouth and explosions from the cheeks or eyes of the masked wall. After several rockets, the wall stopped firing rockets, the glow from the mouth disappeared. All I am stuck with is the red beady eyes, Breen on top, and the endless supply of the combine soldiers. Every time, I fire into the mouth of the wall, none happens besides the natural explosion of the rocket’s impact against the wall inside of the mouth.

  34. Mel

    Are you no easy mode? It take a few rockets for the whole thing to blow-up.

  35. I have got to the tram after the camp,killed the combine with the katana but Jack “bless his heart”will not enter the tram.He seems to be stuck at the edge of the platform.Any idea what to do? thanks for any input.

  36. Mel

    Dont worry, go on with out him, Jack that is, he will meet up with you later.

  37. Mel
    Play It Now!

    I started this mod three or four times over a period of a year or more since I first installed it into Steam. On each occasion I progressed a bit further finding the first level particularly difficult to figure out and the second level hard to complete. But that was as far as I had managed to get. So, armed with the walkthrough recently posted here on PlanetPhillip, I decided to give the mod another try with the idea of attempting to see if it was all that a few players had raved about or as frustrating as others had commented.

    I am pleased I tried again and thankful for the walkthrough which made all the difference, turning the experience from what had been frustrating attempts into a most enjoyable and amusing encounter. If like me, you too have had problems getting into this mod, then I strongly recommend you give it another play through and use the walkthrough where you need to. If my experience is anything to go by you won’t need to refer to the walkthrough that often, maybe in two or three places at the most.

    This mod is without doubt one of the most innovative and unique custom games I have ever played. There is so much content with most of it new, including weapons, skins and architecture plus many wonderfully scripted cut-scenes which in this case aid the flow of the mod as well as containing rich humor. Both the voice acting and the dialog are of a professional level with the comedy banter between the two main characters Morgan and Jack keeping the player amused from beginning to end.

    The new characters introduced by the mod, of which there must be 7 or 8 including Morgan and Jack, are a tremendous feat of modelling. Each new character has their unique mannerisms down to facial expressions, postures, speech, movement and gestures. In my opinion these are simply the best new characters ever seen in a HL2 custom mod.

    The gameplay is rich and varied from beginning to end with so much of the original HL2 cast and hardware alongside extensive and varied new stuff making the entire mod a fresh and rewarding experience throughout. The balance between combat and supplies never seems an issue with plenty of stores when needed, and they are needed with the strength and power of the Combine a notch up from the norm.

    The attention to detail, especially in the apartment complex, is outstanding with each room designed and fitted out in the most realistic way with all the appropriate fixtures and furniture. The set designs and textures are again admirably crafted with the outside settings early in the mod being the best on offer. Here again a fine level of detail mixed with the use of warm and glowing texture bathes the street surroundings in the red tint of the low evening sunlight.
    The combat throughout the mod is also varied with encounters against Combine, Gunships, rebel traitors, new and nasty characters, scanners and Antlions plus a lot more. There’s plenty of hardware both old and new with a few unique pieces that I will not spoil, just to say that you won’t get bored with your adversaries in this game.

    There is so much new stuff in this mod that you forget at times that it’s a HL2 custom mod and except for the fact that the Combine keep appearing you can imagine yourself in a new and totally different playing universe. There are a few issues with the mod but in the main these are minor bugs that won’t spoil your play through.

    Transition from Part 3 to 4 did not auto load but loading from the console works ok without any resultant problems as this level starts without weapons anyway. With reference to the force field, there being only one in the mod, you need to make sure that Mr. Ugly on the far side of the force field has moved off before you go looking for the means to lower the field. If this does not happen you will need to reload a save and play up to this point again which seems to be a sequence triggered somehow.

    The music is not my cup of tea, mostly it’s new stuff composed for the mod. However, with so much good and new content on offer I don’t think it will bother you too much if the music is not to your liking. Although its cranky beat is sometimes well suited to the cranky and humorous events and actions of the mod’s main characters.


    – Too few to mention


    – Too many to summarize


    If you have not already played this mod then go do so now, if you have tried and given up then now’s the time to try again. So I recommend that you ” Play It Now” and have fun and laughter.

    Five Word Review

    (What’s This?)
    A unique and amusing experience.

    My Recommendation

  38. Mel

    The following is a more detailed coverage of the content and gameplay within each part of the mod. With the expanded gameplay coverage in the following text I may have boarded on the line of spoilers in some areas. This is not deliberate but can occur inevitably when trying to cover in more depth; therefore if you are highly sensitive to spoilers I suggest you do not read on.
    After the introduction with George Bush introducing Mr. Breen as his new campaign manager, yes, you read that right, the scene changes to Morgan’s bedroom.

    Part 1: Wake Up

    Map Name: dayhardpart1
    You wake up to the sound of gun fire and your first thought is, where’s Jack?

    The opening level takes place within an apartment building consisting of apartment layout containing a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Floor levels are connected by stairways with access to the roof and windows overlooking the city below, with a window balcony ledge to each apartment.

    With the help of Jack you need to fight your way through each flat room by room as well as floor by floor, whilst encroaching Combine move in with support from traitor rebel factions. Progress is further hampered by snipers, turret guns and scanners making this a tough opening level that requires both the help of Jack and the need to search each room for supplies.

    The level design with its floors, connecting rooms, stairways, rooftop and adjoining balconies is excellently crafted with great attentions to detail. The detailed content, textures and light effects are top quality, with all the sets looking realistic, being furnished with the appropriate furniture, fittings and fixtures. The textures are all superbly defined giving a crisp and warm feel and appearance to all the sets.

    The combat is hard hitting with some tough placement of the Combine and traitor rebels making progress through the apartment complex an intense affair. It may take a few attempts to figure out your route and then fight your way with the help of Jack to get to street level and out of the apartment complex. In doing so, you will also need to work through some puzzles including finding first a few key weapons, getting around a few impassible points and turning on power in places. In some ways the whole level is a puzzle, one of finding a route to street level and the Urban Mess below.

    It will not be the first time having completed a level within this game that you feel as if you have just finished a complete mod; such is the degree of content and involvement packed into most of the parts and levels of this mod.

    Part 2: Urban Mess

    Map Name: dayhardpart2
    Having reached ground level Morgan is engaged in a series of street battles against the Combine, supported by Striders, scanners and traitor rebels in parts. The street level layout is designed around a wide road forming a square with residential buildings, shops, a church and a storage depot amongst other structures, not sure why the road is so wide!

    Jack appears to be still making his way through the first level so for the time being you get help from Gregory and friendly rebels. There is a lot of content to this level with a very rich mixture of gameplay. Apart from the combat you also need to figure out your progress with alternative routes and loads of opportunities to wander and search. it’s not always clear what direction to take, however, rest assured, all directions lead somewhere and there is not a strict order of events. You will meet up with the first of the unique characters the mod has to offer, that is other than Jack and Morgan, with some wonderfully scripted sequences, including the twins. They will be of great help to you, even though their behavior is similar to a pair of twits out of “Alice through the Looking Glass’. Elsewhere in the level the humor comes to the fore, even if some of it is toilet humor in parts.

    You will need to find an alternative route around a patrolling Strider to meet up with the twins who give great support in fighting off another intense engagement. Here too, you have to perform a task in exchange for supplies, a task that requires you to retrieve an item from a very strange and weird hotel, logic will disappear once you step inside.

    The end encounter to the level is another tough street pitch battle against heavily armed Combine and traitor rebels that have taken up commanding positions. The level has one more surprise in store before you finally progress beyond the Urban Mess, but you need to both find that out and figure out how to overcome these yourself. Make that two more surprises.

    In general this level sets the standard and gameplay for much of the mod to come, humor, well scripted and unique sequences, new characters, hard hitting engagements, superb set design and textures with great attention to detail. The textures and light effects are outstanding with the whole outside set, bathed in an early evening glow rendering all surfaces a warm and reddish tint from a low sun. The layout is somewhat extensive in size with that very wide road having maybe an alternative use!

    Part 2a: RedRum

    Map Name: redrum
    This is the hotel sequence and is an integral part of the Urban Mess chapter. As previously stated it’s weird and nightmarish but you need to complete the task to progress.

    Part 3: Down, You Sucker

    Map Names: dayhardpart3 and Voyage
    This Part follows a similar mixture of street combat and gameplay as the previous ” Urban Mess” levels, with similar street set designs and use of warm textures before you progress to more encounters and puzzle solving sequences among the airport facilities and runway.

    The cast is increased to include at least 3 new and unique characters both good and bad with one very bad, Mr. Ugly. The new characters are wonderful scripted with all exhibiting their own characteristics, manners and postures, some of which you may recognize.

    The humor expands, showing the Combine in a light you could never imagine plus more of that toilet humor, resulting in some of the funniest sequences ever to be depicted in a Half-Life game.

    You will face, as before, Combine troops, more traitor rebels, attacking scanners, a gunship and one other big HL2 foe. There is also a major puzzle to work through with the need to lower a force field, I mention this because it would appear to be sequence based and does not always trigger correctly. Without given any spoilers, you need to make sure that all the characters beyond the force field depart before you go off to find the means to turn the force field off. If this does not happen you will need to replay the sequence again until Mr. Ugly has moved off.

    There a few more encounters against the Combine and the Big One beyond the force field including solving the means to kill the Big One, not telling you the answer to that. There are also a few more unique sequences to come before the level finishes with our odd couple flying off in a Combine Gunship. However, here again, you will need to experience these sequences for yourself as the hectic pace lessens in a strange way for a spell. As with all the encounters so far experienced by our dynamic duo, flying the Combine gunship does not come easy ending in disaster for the two, but wait!

    Part 4: Behind Enemy Lines

    Map Name: dayhardpart4
    The next level auto loads as Morgan and Jack scramble through a drainage pipe. However, if this level does not load, as it did not for me, then you will need to manually load it through the console, the level starts without any weapons anyway.

    The following opening sequence of this level is very vague in terms of objectives, being far from clear as to what is the purpose of the village layout and any task within. it’s clear however, that this is a stealth sequence but to what end is far from obvious. Your progress across the village is measured in terms of trial and error; a force move is met by instant Combine attacks and with no means of defending yourself, loads the last save. The right move will get you part way and by this means you progress across the village.

    Without the help of the walkthrough I don’t think I would have completed this first village sequence without a lot of frustration, nor would I have had any idea of the objective of this stealth sequence. As such, I consider this a poor piece of gameplay that leaves the player completely unaware of its purpose and whilst not wanting to be spoon feed, there should have been means of conveying some guide to the player. As it is, I can only recommend you peep at the walkthrough at this point of the mod.

    Apart from the gameplay being confusing, the set design of the village and the immediate hilly surround is basic stuff with the buildings being adequate in design but nothing special and a let down from what’s gone before. Also the hilly landscape is not too convincing looking; lumpy and unrealistic. However, the distant backdrop surrounding the village is admirably mapped giving a feeling of endless depth to the design.

    Once out of the village by way of the wall, you will find that progress is much smoother by means of the cable car. This is similar to the car used in the Ravonholm chapter of the original HL2 game, could be wrong but can’t remember it being used in a mod before.

    By design or maybe default you reach the Combine HQ. The next set of sequences is admirable scripted with lots of short cut-scenes that, in this case, help the flow of the mod and thicken the plot, not that there is any serious attempt to imply the existence of much of a plot or story. With the now familiar banter and humor between Jack and Morgan back to the fore you begin to feel that you are in the swing of things again.

    The gameplay is now rich and varied and I am reminded not to give spoilers. However, you will encounter new characters, change places with the Combine, take on the Antlion and their leader, get to ride the road buggy and finally make good use of the village before returning to HQ.

    The new character sequences are again wonderfully scripted, with references to Harry Potter and bloody hell! What was that? The HQ is again a fine piece of design with a similar layout to the airport lobby in the previous chapter – Part 3. The attention to detail and textures inside the HQ keeps the high standard aspired too previously in the mod. The HQ outer design is castle-like and set amidst the same type of lumpy and hilly terrain as the village which gains new meaning with the buggy rides.

    After the slow start that needed stealth tactics the level comes to an end with the more familiar action filled Combine encounters. There is more to this level, however you need to go find it for yourself, I am getting carried away and in danger of giving too much away. Once more you will get the feeling that you have just completed an entire mod, such is the depth of the content and fine mixture of the gameplay.

    Part 5: Breen Cave and Beyond.

    Map Name: breencave
    You are on your own again with Jack having taken a liking to the bath in the previous level, not clear yet why. In the next sequence you need to find a way around a new and large adversary to progress to a new environment of caves, which are designed as a maze to test your sense of direction.

    Once you find your way out of the maze to the bridge, you have time to collect your thoughts and supplies before entering the Big Boss end sequence. The maze sequence is designed and textured in dungeon type surrounds. Having progressed through the maze Morgan then passes through the metallic Combine structures before entering the final Boss setting. This end Boss setting is a bit like a scene from Quake, being dimly lit with Combine lurking in the shadows and a fire and rocket propelling structure controlled by Breen bent on stopping you dead. Other than adding that it’s a hard final showdown, I am not saying any more about this level.

    Part 6: Final.

    Map Name: final
    You get to find out why Jack stayed behind in another superbly scripted and amusing scene.

    Part 7: Dogo.

    Map Name: dogo
    This is a bonus level which you will need to load from the console. Arena type gameplay with plenty of action and if you liked the new characters seen in the Final level, then this is your chance to get another eye-full.

    Final Conclusions

    Just go and play and use the walkthrough if you need too. It may be needed in a few parts of the mod although it does not need heavy reliance to progress through most of the game. Also, if, like me, you have started and gave up, then give it another go with the aid of the walkthrough if need be, otherwise you are missing out on one of the best mods available.

  39. Gypsy_Jim

    @ comment 14

    Jack will now follow you in the tram.

    Not in mine he doesn’t, I’ve played through the preceding scene again and again trying to get him to do just that, but he gets to the white platform and simply won’t go any further. Any suggestions? Please!?

    I did play this through when it first came out, and didn’t have this problem, but have only just downloaded the full version and now do…

  40. Mel

    Dont bother about Jack, just get in the tram and on your way and Jack will catch you up later.

  41. bordo

    Does anybody know how to load manually the game through the console when Morgan and Jack enter in that drainage pipe(map 4)? I actually tried many times(desinstallation, re installation etc), but no effect.
    Otherwise the mod is great and I really want to finish it.Please, if there is anybody who can help me, I would be grateful!

  42. Mel

    You should have no problem loading level 4 from the console. Go to options in the game, go keyboard, go advance and tick box enable console.
    You should then be able to load level 4 manually from the console.

  43. Play It Now!

    I just finished playing Day Hard and I have to say that this is an absolutely outstanding mod – all the custom content makes it feel like a completely different game. And truth be told no other mod/computer game has ever made me laugh so hard – the humour here is absolutely brilliant and it’s everywhere – from the beginning to the end.

    The music may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I liked it – the fact that I am quite familiar with Italian music may have helped here though 🙂

    An important highlight for me has been the change in the damage taken by the character – it makes the game far more realistic – a couple shots and you’re dead so you better watch what you’re doing! I much more prefer this instead of a hundred combines coming to get you to forcefully make the game challenging.

    The maps are very well designed not only from a visual standpoint but also from the freedom given the player to approach them – I read the walkthrough after finishing and found out that I deviated significantly from it in many places – suffice to say that the “Please do not press” button was completely useless to me – the strider was long gone 🙂 And the final boss battle poses absolutely no difficulty – and I am sure that this is no bug and was intentional on the part of the creators – I am not going to spoil it here but if you feel that the battle is not winnable ask me 🙂

    One thing that did piss me off and made the mod about 2 hours longer for me was the fact that the tram has no visible buttons to activate it – I guess I’m an idiot but I haven’t even realized that it was a tram – looked more like an observation point to me. So I happened to find the shortcut through the level myself very quickly but I couldn’t progress because I didn’t realized I had to press the “use” key – when I finally figured it out I had a Morgan moment myself: What the … ? 🙂

    In conclusion this mod is a real work of art and probably the most unique mod there is 🙂 Highly recommended!

  44. sbenrap
    Play It Now!

    If you’re having problems with the final boss battle try this (SPOILER):
    Make sure you loaded up on ammo on the previous battle.
    After the elevator reaches the boss, DON’t MOVE DOWN THE PLATFORM.
    Apparently, if you stay where you are, you have a clean shot of the mouth + combines can’t reach you + rockets fly around hitting walls 🙂

    So just aim and shoot all your ammo at the mouth and presto, you win 🙂 .

  45. Mel

    Thanks for the tip sbenrap, I may go back and reply the scene that way.

  46. Ol" Scratch

    alright, dangit, I need the walkthru, to get through the village in part 4, and all links seem to be totally dead. Anyone?

  47. Mel

    Yes the village is tough, your need to make your way directly across the village, take it step by step taking cover as you go without engaging the combine. You need to make your way across the village to a small group of rebels around an open fire, from here jump the wall and get on your way.

  48. Ol" Scratch
    Play It Now!

    alright finally finished it… it was fun, overall, despite some of the bugs (drove the car over the bug spawn point and crashed the game totally). Either the content protection is turned on and I don’t realize it, or it really didn’t quite deliver teh funneh like most people say it does. Tho, I did see the nekkid t*ts at the end, so mebbe it’s just not quite as deep as I figured it would be. Still quite enjoyable, tho, so I definitely say

    I didn’t get to play the final supar-sekrit map, tho, anyone have an idea how to get to it?

    But, given all that, Joe Bob sez, “Chek it out!” 😉

  49. Paddy
    Play It Now!

    I’m enjoying this mod, but how in the name of Christ do you turn off the music? I find this problem with every mod; you turn the music volume slider down to zero in the options, but the music is still playing full blast, much of the time overpowering the dialogue and other sound effects.Please, if there’s a fix for this, share it with me…this is the one drawback that often prevents me from completing a mod game.

  50. Denizen
    Think Twice

    Didn’t care for it. Lack of polish. Teenage-feel all over.

  51. Robspace1

    Just finished it and loved it! Great humor, something lacking in most mods and nice scenery. It could have used a little more flash and a few more puzzles but other than that it was alot of fun

  52. desertalienz

    Very good mod, BUT, near the end, and the end STUPID. I missed 1 head crab in the restroom, and because of that, I could not progress, and had to battle a antlion guardian, that could not even be killed with impulse 101. Went back down to the restroom, and killed that one lone headcrab, and the antlion guardian was gone. Didnt even need to battle him.. DUMB. Then, the end, there was none. Everybody jumps into a pipe, black screen, goofy music. Not even a cheesy “THEE END.” Just a black screen, LAME! What a shame, because the rest of them game was good.
    Worth playin, but disappointing…

    1. James

      Have you ever heard of something called SPOILER ALERT???
      Yes you didn’t like the ending, but that doesn’t mean you have to shout it from the rooftops, dude.

  53. Robspace 1

    Funny, I don’t remember jumping into a black pipe at the end. I remember jumping into a pipe at the end of part 2, but then it went to part 3. Are you sure you played all 3 parts of that?

  54. aq_guy

    OK, I just got started on this crazy thing. I have to say that running into JACK CARVER from FAR CRY [complete with red Hawaian shirt and FC dialog yet ; “This place is total chaos!!!”] was one of the funniest and most unexpected things I’ve ever encountered in any HL2 mod.

    Based on the reviews here I’m going to try and wade through.

  55. Duke Theedam

    I just found it too…how did desert alienz manage to use impulse 101…when I try to enable the developer consul, it’s not even an option on the menu…so I don’t know how you use codes..anyway, I gueuss I’ll just have to do it the hard way…damn.

  56. Oopla

    Any chance this can be re-uploaded?

    1. Done, plus a little reformating of the post.

  57. I Need help, It keeps crashing before the third level when the screen goes black after Grigory shoots the bird and it crashes when you meet the arms dealer, can anyone help

  58. Personal Favourite

    My friend and I love DayHard. Favorite mod, along side Coastline to Atmosphere and The Citizen

  59. Personal Favourite

    I only have three words to say, “BEST MOD EVAR!” It’s perfect! It’s really funny, there’s a little bit of Doom in the game, and I love that game Doom! Combat was awesome, great weapons, and my favorite character is Jack! XD

  60. Maybe?

    I really enjoyed this until the bugs and lack of obvious direction began to spoil it. Didn’t manage to finish it, making it just about half way through. The opening was great but by the time you make it down to the street you start to miss scripted sequences and its unclear what you should be doing. If you have time to waste then go for it but if you’re a little more protective of your time then choose a better mod/map before giving this a try.

  61. Personal Favourite

    I came back here to this post because my change up to Win 7 last year seems to coincide with this mod not functioning anymore for me, but now I have to explore the possibility that its sopped functioning for some other reason….

    What I am actually commenting on is the comments themselves, I am staggered at what a poor response this mod got, though it is a bit buggy here and there I have to agree. It also could have done with a bit more polish too, perhaps, but in spite of the negatives it is still almost beyond a doubt my favourite HL2 mod.


    Humour, originality, playability, oh shucks I don’t know, just good enjoyable entertainment.

    If I ever manage to get past the arms dealer cut scene already referred to above by another commenter and get the mod working again I will be extremely happy.

    Given that I have played it many times already I feel fully qualified to give it a PF.

    After fixing it, I then need to go and see if the author did any other mods…..I do hope so.

  62. Personal Favourite

    Beautiful awesome mod using the new Source Engine technology of Hhkk. Best mod ever.

    Okay, serious review time.

    This mod is hilarious. I could sum up the entire review like that, but there’s more to talk about. I consider it divided into three parts. The first part is really fun, you have to make your way out of an apartment with a character named Jack. Speaking of characters, I love all the characters in this mod. You play as Gordon Freeman’s brother (not John Freeman for anyone with that in their mind) Morgan Freeman. No, not THAT Morgan Freeman. He’s kind of silly but likable. Then there’s Jack who’s a complete idiot but a funny idiot. Anyway, the proceeding levels are kind of like NPC deathmatch, in fact, the maps feel a lot like Garry’s Mod roleplaying maps, it’s kind of like the CSS: Sci-Fi version of those. Except hilarious, of course. The humour adds a lot to this mod, in fact, if it wasn’t so funny, I might have gave it “Play It Now” instead of “Personal Favourite” for having an interesting concept but not perfect mapping. It looks very rough visually, especially the later levels. I would say it’s worth playing for the humour.


    There’s a haunted hotel in one part of the game, I presume trying to parody Nightmare House. But the thing is, it does a good job at BEING Nightmare House. In a hotel. Nightmare Hotel. Apart from two funny parts, it’s pretty creepy. To be honest though, to a horror fan like me it is kind of funny since it’s over the top and throws everything it possibly can at you. The second portion of the game is more linear. There’s an excellent parody of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in it. The part toward the end where Jack pops up out of nowhere and text appears above him saying “The Idiot” caught me by surprise and made me laugh. Father Grigori is in this mod as “The Good”. He fights alongside you twice in the mod. I have two complaints with this part of the mod though. First, The Good and The Ugly kind of vanish and do nothing for the plot. Second, there was a glitch at the forcefield part where The Ugly never left and just stood behind the forcefield, and when I turned the forcefield off, it disappeared visually but remained there physically, blocking me from getting past and forcing me to load a previous save and fighting through the hoard of manhacks to get the switch again. The third part of the game is set at night in a Combine controlled area. There’s a stealth mission that’s pretty well pulled off except for a Combine on a roof that I didn’t see and kept spotting me. There’s also a part where you have to kill a bunch of Antlions and an Antlion Guard will show up. This part is an issue. First, whenever I ran over an Antlion the game crashed. I don’t know if this is a problem with the game or with my computer but it doesn’t happen in the original Half-Life 2 or its episodes. Second, I ran around killing Antlions for about 20 minutes waiting for the Guard to show up. I still have no idea how to get him to appear. I looked it up and this doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone else, just me apparently. The last thing I want to bring up is the bosses. There are three bosses in the game. The first is a giant robot that you have to throw a grenade at. Really easy. The second is a very fun shootout with a bunch of combine and “The Boss”. The final boss is horrible. It’s supposed to be a parody of the final boss from Doom II: Hell on Earth (I think) but instead of shooting rockets at the head of a huge goat skull, you’re shooting Plasma Rifle shots at the mouth of a huge dog skull. This took me a while to figure out since I assumed I was supposed to shoot rockets at its head. The problem with this boss is that he shoots homing rockets that I have NO idea how to dodge. This wound up in much frustration for me.

    So there’s a much more in depth look at DayHard. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

  63. Pingback: DayHard | Jelly's Half-Life Mod Reviews

  64. Ade
    I think it kind of manages to set everything in its own universe of normal guy having an action movie day, while still keeping the C17 feel, but there’s just too many bugs imo to enjoy it properly. At one time I simply could not go on and had to load next map manually because of an event that didn’t want to trigger. And it’s a shame to see so many years passed and so many people played this and yet so many bugs in it still. Have they not reported it, have the devs been that lazy? I don’t get what all the big ratings are about. Can’t give it more than a Maybe.

  65. aster

    Okay, i had to play this mod in god mode, because it was too hard for me, but still fun. Sadly It worked only in parts…

  66. Maybe?

    The direction and overall flow is pretty bad but the humour is there as is some fun action too. Yeah umm don’t take this one too seriously though 😉 I liked it. Worth playing once … maybe!

  67. Avoid It!

    Disgusting study levels. A huge number of bugs with scripts. Uninteresting gameplay and terrible port models.

  68. Play It Later

    Very fun mod. Spacious locations and funny missions. The mission in part 5 is generally difficult, I decided to abandon it after 10 attempts.

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

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