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17 June 2023




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  1. Minecraft
  2. Fallout: New Vegas
  3. Dishonored 1/2
  4. Rimworld
  5. Prey (2017)

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I basically only made mods for Bethesda games, so nothing to do with Half-Life.

Latest 25 Comments
23 Jun 2023 Kill Them All Interesting mod that doesn't have any working download option.
23 Jun 2023 Mog - Hovercraft Beta 1 Interesting mod that doesn't have any working download option.
23 Jun 2023 Rox Fun Box Unles you are interested in a Sandbox-like map, this is not something worthy of downloading and p...
23 Jun 2023 La Mesa A small map where you shoot a lot of Metrocops and Dr. Breen, that's it really. The level desi...
23 Jun 2023 Zombies (Version 3) Like it's previous version, contains a lot of zombies and headcrabs to kill, each of the variants...
21 Jun 2023 Collapsypants A simple map that tests the physics of the game using breakable objects. Nothing else really, ...
21 Jun 2023 Quickwar A simple map where you and a bunch of rebels shoot at 3 waves of Combine enemies, that's it! T...
20 Jun 2023 Area 17 A very basic map with Combine and zombies to kill. I died once in this map, as the weapons pro...
17 Jun 2023 Urban Combat A small city-like map with Combine and Citizen spawners, though the combine one stop spawning aft...
17 Jun 2023 Maze Of Death A simple map with a repeating texture maze containing some zombies and Combine soldiers, nothing ...
17 Jun 2023 Zombies (Version 2) A very simple map about killing zombies, that's really it! You begin with few weapons and figh...
16 Jun 2023 Hostage Just a little addendum to anyone interested in playing this mod: As some said before, spare so...
16 Jun 2023 Hostage There really is nothing more to say about this map that wasn't said already, though I'll admit it...
16 Jun 2023 Introduce Yourself Well, always knew about Half-Life as a series, as I was one to play GMod a lot, so it's only natu...
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