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16th December 2004

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  1. this map was put together in a way of making a building and with some explosion make it totally collapsing…whish take a minute

  2. This one is another 404 on filecloud or the other one.

  3. Think Twice

    Looks and plays like a techdemo. It showcases awesome physics of Source engine in a good light by providing you big homeset with buttons and vehicles. I only don’t like the fact that I wasn’t given weapons. That would be even more fun!

    Overall, physics are cool.

    1. I haven’t done any Half-Life stuff in a couple years, and since Phillip left the site I don’t check it as often, but I’m glad I poked my head in today!

      There’s a newer version of my map available that’s a bit more enjoyable thanks to being a Garry’s Mod release. Check my profile for the link to my website, then go to the Games|Source section (I’d link it directly, but then the post would require moderator approval, and I don’t want to bother Don with that). The most recent version is phys_collapsypants, released in 2015, with a few upgrades that I think make for a more fun level. Plus Garry’s Mod gives you weapons by default, in addition to all its crazy tools, so you’ll have plenty of toys to play with.

      If you scroll down the page you’ll find a selection of other releases, too. One with water, one with a reset button, even a copy of the map that inspired mine. A user named GoldenShadow, from the long-gone VERC forums, released a custom physics level within the first couple of weeks the HL2 tools were made available. It featured a trebuchet that tossed the dune buggy down a canyon into a wooden tower, and after playing it I wanted to build my own physics toy, since at the time all this stuff was still novel. Collapsypants is what I came up with.

      I did indeed mean this as only a tech demo to play around with, and never expected it to wind up on a singleplayer mapping site, but it somehow showed up here anyway. I stumbled over it one day back in maybe 2006, during a vanity Google search, and that’s how I came to know of PlanetPhillip/RTSL. Crazy to look back at this, especially the date in the readme. Time flies!

  4. Think Twice

    A simple map that tests the physics of the game using breakable objects.

    Nothing else really, you just press some buttons and see the building fall, no reason to play this if not to see a cool building.

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