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Rob Martens

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30 October 2013




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Try as I might to balance my approach to a map, I do tend to be more aggressive if I'm recording a demo or gameplay video.

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  1. Silent Hill
  2. Secret of Mana
  3. Final Fantasy 6
  4. Chrono Trigger
  5. Deadly Premonition


  1. G String
  2. Mistake of Pythagoras
  3. Peaces Like Us
  4. Heart of Evil
  5. Timeline

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  • Mapping: Some
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  • Writing: Some
  • Sound: None
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04 Sep 2016 I'm Taking a Partial Sabbatical Thank you, Phillip! I know you've said this isn't the end, necessarily, but it's still a good tim...
05 Aug 2016 Week 31 Oh God, AmbushVille? I thought TVR was just the pre-Steampipe Villes! And here I was, all relieve...
12 Jul 2016 July 2016 General Chat Through the process of elimination I believe I've found the issue. It seemed like the crash was ...
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29 Jun 2016 Calling Tech-heads - I need your help Ugh, sorry, stupid typo, I meant "interframe" compression, i.e. compression across multiple frame...
29 Jun 2016 Calling Tech-heads - I need your help I would hold off on the sound card purchase if I were you. When you say you're unhappy with your ...
17 Dec 2015 Poll Question 332 - Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work? I didn't vote, because there's no option I totally agree with. "Yes, but they shouldn't exercise ...
20 Nov 2015 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere Leon's work isn't my cup of tea, really, but I have a 2011 Mac Mini at hand and thought I'd take ...
24 Oct 2015 RTSL Donation System I believe section 2C of the Steam Subscriber Agreement is the one to see for this stuff: http://s...
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