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28 Mar 2022 Halloween Horror 4: Nightmare on Reboot Street! - Map Labs #16 I am currently stuck on Serenity. I am at the part where he says, " I really hope no-one is behin...
03 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Thank you, Phillip. You have been a shining gem in the Half-Life community. Bon Voyage, and best ...
02 Jan 2016 Abandon: The Town Yes. I have Source SDK Base 2013 Single Player installed, but I just saw your note about opting i...
02 Jan 2016 Abandon: The Town CRASHES ON STARTUP! I'm running Windows 10 64-bit and Steam v017. All my other HL2 mods run just...
04 Sep 2015 WaterVille Yeah, I figured that out a while ago. I was just wondering if that's what it was for. :P
03 Sep 2015 Poll Question 319 - How protective were you over the rebels? There were rebels?
03 Sep 2015 WaterVille Is the black highlight to block spoilers?
21 Jul 2015 Sorry for the lack of updates Your health comes first. Take all the time you need to get better. Thanks for years of this amazi...
23 Feb 2015 CityStreetsVille Nevermind I got it working :)
23 Feb 2015 CityStreetsVille Thank you for your concern. Could you perhaps put the mod up on some other file sharing service l...
22 Feb 2015 CityStreetsVille Am I the only one who's seen terribly slow download speeds since the transfer to RTSL? I couldn't...
31 Oct 2014 Poll Question 302 - Do you play too much? Hey MegaSean!!! Keep those Scanner-Lifes a-comin'! :D Also, I agree with you. Mods have definitel...
07 Sep 2014 What Lies Beneath I actually enjoyed this map! It had nice aesthetics and decent gameplay. The zombies' breaking th...
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