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Fodder Stompf

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11 October 2011




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Enthusiast Half life (2 and episode's) mod enjoy er. Love's fooling around in Hammer.
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  1. RAGE
  2. Portal
  3. Dota2
  4. Diablo2
  5. Age of Empires


  1. Mission Improbable
  2. Minerva Metastasis
  3. Research And Development
  4. Dark Interval
  5. Whoopservatory

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  • Mapping: A lot
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  • Texturing: Some
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  • Writing: Little
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: None

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Working on a project called Metaphysics. Comfortable teaching and informing people with questions Mainly about hammer and general implementation of textures, models music etc into source.

Latest 25 Comments
13 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre I enjoyed this one greatly! Lovely Level Design, both visually and layout wise. It really did n...
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28 Mar 2014 Saint Black Mountain Hey And thanks everyone for giving my map a go nleaving a appropriate review i love reading them...
15 Jun 2013 Deep Down This was very much a amazing piece of work both visual and game play wise. The maps where very w...
12 May 2013 Station 51 I very much enjoyed this package of 2 excellent maps Having played the original one I decided to ...
22 Apr 2013 Minehole Small little okay looking map (mine pit,shaft from HL2Ep2ish) There's quite a bit going on for ab...
19 Aug 2012 Person of Interest This is a great modification with brilliant combat and its mainly the combat that got me impresse...
18 Aug 2012 Lost Under the Snow I did-end really enjoyed it nor really finished it. Hence this review should be taken with that ...
29 Jul 2012 Baryonic Predicament Once again a great Miigga release and I enjoyed all of the maps but as mentioned above a "real" m...
24 Jul 2012 ChaseVille These where a great pair of maps as mentioned above the theme is spot on with both occasions whic...
22 Jul 2012 Fodderstompf DoorVille Hey everyone i'm glad to see my very first released map got received as well as it did quite fran...
14 Jul 2012 E7 Black Star I really enjoyed this one all the way trough. no denying that its a Big if not Huge mod but the q...
14 Jul 2012 Nova Prospekt Continued Having played trough all3 of the maps. (and actualy relaunching the second one with maptap cuse ...
03 Apr 2012 NewBlackMesaVille Great pair of maps here I liked the way of communicating to the player and knowing there will be ...
23 Nov 2011 HalloweenVille This one was really enjoyable to play true good short nice looking environments. With the except...
04 Nov 2011 The MapTap Winner is Something is telling me this is gonne take a while to find a winner who actually knows he is a Wi...
02 Nov 2011 7 Things we do in Half-Life we wouldn't dream of doing in real life - The 7 Series Haha I couldn't stop laughing reading through these. Really pleasant article this one And they a...
02 Nov 2011 The MapTap Winner is Hurray for the not yet existing winner!! Thumbs up for the coder(s) of this excellent utility!...
02 Nov 2011 En Route 66 Its definitely feels quite different from the general half life mod because of the visual overhau...
25 Oct 2011 7 Types of Half-Life Players - The 7 Series Quite frankly there's not a single description of a play style I relate to: being plays as it com...
14 Oct 2011 The Way is Clear Playing trough this mod gave me the 2half life freeze ups just as vancanucksfan. But I could con...
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