ElevatorVille 2 – 48-Hour Map Labs Atom #9 Mapping Challenge Announcement

18th March 2021

Same week, another Ville! ElevatorVille 2 starts now!

The original ElevatorVille was a 10-day mapping challenge run way back in 2012. That challenge had some specific rules, but this one is much easier: just make a map that features an elevator!

The second Ville in the Map Labs Atom Week begins right now!

This Atom challenge only runs 48 hours – maps are due 10pm Central U.S. Time on Saturday, March 20th. Go map!

Bonus maps (which can’t win but are judged and scored) are accepted until 3 days after the end of Atom Week (March 24th).

Theme Details

Here’s the official announcement (click for full version):

ElevatorVille 2 Announcement

And if you’re not already there, join the Map Labs Discord for good discussion & a great mapping community.


The deadline for submission is Saturday 20th March 2021.

Submission Details

Submit maps using the Submission Form.


  1. KillerMate

    May I know when the results of the competition will be published?

    1. Unq

      Likely early next week.

    2. congoclash

      It’s May 6 and still nothing. Seems the elevator is stuck. Call a technician.

        1. I don’t understand the point of this how-fast-can-you-work contest. Somewhat predictable results, IMO.

          Was it only for mappers, to create mini views of new areas? I found about 4 really good gameplay maps, and I only rated 15 maps above 5 out of 10. Out of 59!

          There must have been some purpose for doing this in this way, that wasn’t related to the people playing most of these maps…

          1. Unq

            Yeah it would not have been my preference. There’s a reason we stopped running the 1 to 3 day challenges, they’re generally too short. BUT they are great exercises for the mappers, and now dozens of mappers can point to a released, completed map which in itself is an achievement, polished or not.

            Map Labs ran these challenges, and ultimately I was happy to participate and help them come up with a couple of Ville themes, including Ascent which was long planned but never used.

          2. Just wondering why this is not available yet through RTSL?

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