Explore Phillip’s Collection of FPS Games – Part 1

13th November 2016

I’m a collector of FPS games. Well, I was until about 5 years ago and then I stopped. When I moved to Spain from London about 15 years ago, I packed all my collection into boxes and put them into the basement meaning to get them out and display them. Alas, that never happened.

For the last few years I have been meaning to explore the boxes and see what I have and FINALLY I did it yesterday!

Below is the video of the livestream “event” and I certainly enjoyed it, as did the people on the stream.

People often expect me to be an expert of all these old games, but the reality is I haven’t even played 95% of them. In fact, from the list below I have only played 2!

The video last an hour and consists of me taking a game out of the box and briefly talking about it and checking the net for more information.

I’ll do one of these every week or so until I have gone through all my collection. Soon I will have the chat text as part of the video so that should make more sense when I respond to a point raised in the livestream chat.

I hope you enjoy it and also hope it will encourage you to explore your collection.

The box contained the following games:

  • Unreal
  • Unreal: Return to Na Pali
  • System Shock 2
  • Realms of the Haunting
  • Isle of the Dead
  • Terranova: Strike Force Centauri
  • Witchaven
  • Foresaken
  • Zaero
  • Deus
  • Max Payne
  • Nosferatu: The wrath of Malachi
  • Bet on Soldier
  • March! Off World Recon
  • 3D Character Creation with XSI
  • Character Design and Integration for Half-Life 2
  • Messiah
  • Blake Stone: Planet Strike
  • Revolution
  • Requiem
  • Hired Team Trial: Gold
  • Eternal Darkness for Quake
  • Quake
  • Blood Wings: Pumpkinhead’s Revenge
  • Doom Stuff DVD
  • DVD of very old FPS games
  • Creature Shock
  • D!ZONE 150
  • Star Trek Elite Force
  • XS
  • Eradicator


  1. Ah it brings back memories, the golden age of FPS was 96-00 :/

    System Shock 2
    Star Trek Elite Force

    Requiem Avenging Angel has some issues to work on current PCs, but I managed to find some ways to make it work.

  2. Retibsi

    When you started reading out the dates of some of the games I suddenly felt old. Very old. Fond memories of them but don’t know if I’d care to try and go back and play any of them now… What am I saying, I’ve still got some of them on my PC (Thanks GOG.com for Unreal)

  3. Golden memories, indeed 🙂

    I’d say the golden age of FPS/TPS was the decade 1996-2005. These years saw Jedi Knight 1-3, The Wheel of Time, Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, No One Lives Forever 1 & 2, Clive Barker’s Undying, Serious Sam FE, SE & 2, Max Payne 1 & 2, Aliens Versus Predator 2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, XIII, Painkiller, Far Cry, The Cronicles Of Riddick ‘Escape From Butcher Bay’, F.E.A.R. – and of course the Unreal and Half-Life games.

    Best titles 2006-2015? Anyone?

  4. AI

    Phillip, and you called me a hoarder of game files!!!!! My gaming started back in “1984” with my very first computer, a “Apple IIc” my kids wore it out! My first PC was a “IBM Ps1” a whopping 486sx with 4meg ram, I thought it was the hottest thing on the planet!! (haha). Anyway I have ALL my game files archived on backup drives to be stored on 50gb blu-rays! The earliest date I’ve found for PC games is “1990” “Commander Keen ” I used to have them on 3 1/2 floppies but as floppies fail over time. I used a program called “DCF 5.3” (Disk Copy Fast) to make a perfect Zip copy! My game list is very extensive! At my age (older than dirt) 70 3/4 I still love gaming!! 😉

  5. Even though I haven’t played most of these games, all of this is really interesting! Maybe I should try to get some of them hehe. Thank you for doing this 🙂

  6. Heinz

    Many people forget to mention “Project I.G.I. 1&2” from early 2000s.
    Two of the most underrated Shooters.
    “Doom 1&2” – “Duke Nukem 3D” – “Quake” were good too and not to forget, in my opinion the best western shooter
    “Lucas Arts Outlaws…”
    “Deus Ex”, one of my all time favorites and of course “HL”^^

    1. Don’t worry, I have at least 2 more boxes to explore, plus some other things too.

    2. I’ve played those two.

      Both Border Crossing levels still stand as one of those missions that i do not miss one bit.

      I do like how the first game had this Dragunov that shoots silently for some reason (rectified in Covert Strike).

      Don’t forget stealth missions that gave you unsilenced weapons (Missile Trainyard) or inappropriately silenced ones (because of course i would prefer a slow semi auto silenced pistol rather than a silenced select fire SMG/AR).

  7. UtharQ

    This “unboxing” was really fun, I always liked looking through some obscure games as some of those are goldmines of weird and crazy ideas. Defienietely want to see what Phillip has in other two 🙂

  8. Wow, Realms of the Haunting..definitely worth playing. It achieved cult status in the end, with a Facebook page or two and other Fora. There were/are even calls for a remake, but sadly thus far fallen on deaf ears. Its 4 CD’s long because of all the video, a ripping yarn, play it.

  9. Ouch, Phillip, stop, you’re causing me tears.

    To me getting these types of games is an unnecessary trouble. Not only is my currency really awful especially when it comes to online sellers like Steam or GOG but there’s also a lack of interest for those. Think of “I want to play Battlefield 1 in 4K for 150$ but console sucks”.

    No wonder why everything is the way it is.

    1. I would also like to add that I just bought Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi a few days ago. If anyone has thoughts sharing would be appreciated because it looks like a pretty interesting game.

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