12-hour LiveStream, Saturday 28th January

26th January 2017

Hi Everybody,

This weekend, I will be live-stream for hopefully 12 hours starting at 12pm Central European Time on the RTSL YouTube channel.

I will only be playing maps and mods for Half-Life games, so no Unreal or Red Faction etc like last time.

In addition, I do not have time to set up all the mods before, so some of the stream will be me getting everything installed and working, which may be educational in itself.

Last weekend, I played a bunch of other mods and didn’t get to play Point of View, Human Error, so I will start with both of those.

Depending on time, I will also stream any other map or mod that is suggested on the stream or I fancy playing.

Once finished, I will be editing the stream into individual videos for the RTSL channel.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions or mod suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Fantastic, with college being out for the whole month (yay), I’m pretty much in for it the whole way.

  2. Well, here goes my learning xp

  3. I missed the first one so I’ll try to be there for the second one. What about the tech demo of ARRANGEMENT?

    Link to the ModDB download.

    1. Yes, I’ll think about that. Good idea.

  4. Well, this time I’ll definitely catch the first few hours, but got a date night so I’ll be out from 4pm. Might still catch the end though.

  5. I wait this live the whole week!
    See ya tomorrow!

  6. Thanks you very much for this beautiful day with you!
    And for the discovery of superb mod!

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