Week 28

13th July 2016

Firstly, we’ve got a little out of sequence recently. Don was supposed to be this weekend, but he stepped in for Darren, who went last weekend instead of the first one. Anyway, there are no actual events planned and since July has 5 weekends that confuses things even more.

But fear not, Phillip will step unto the breach dear friends, once more (kind of a shaky Shakespeare’s Henry V reference) and will be streaming at least 2, YES, 2 Valve Hammer Editor Practice Sessions which are part of The Level Design Academy series – both Saturday and Sunday morning at around 11:00am Central European Time.

Secondly, Phillip will also be starting a new “Phillip Plays” series.

Drum Roll Please….

The Closure!

Yes, he wanted to the Final Project Diary first but he is just itching to play Leon’s most recent release. He has no doubt that he will spend a fair amount of time shouting at the screen, but that’s normal between him and Leon.

You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. Eugh – The Closure…

    First time playthrough at a fast pace will take you 12+ hours… at your normal pace it will take you over 36 hours…

    There’s better things to play… and to watch… like the Paranoid Mod for Doom!!!!!

    Normally no matter what you play I would be there to support you.. but after the 40+ hours of hell inflicted on me while I tried to record a walkthrough of The Closure for my channel I just can’t bring myself to subject myself to that or any other of Leons Doorfest torture again.

    Don’t mean any disrespect to Leon.. it’s clear he has amazing skillz and spent countless hours on his work.. but his style is horrible. Sad thing is there are some real gems in there among the mess.. and if he bothered to cut the crap, shorten the Mods they would be truly impressive.

    Such wasted talent 🙁

  2. Unq

    Practice is overdue 🙂

  3. Might want to be careful if you’re planning on uploading The Closure stuff to YT, you might get the infamous copyright strike from all the movie music put there.


    If you’re interested.

    1. Excellent point, thanks. IS it possible to only replace the music and not the other things? I want to experience the mod as Leon intended, even though I know it will drive me crazy.

      1. I just deleted all the .mp3s in the music folder. Makes the 3+ minute long cutscenes later in the game, were there’s just something driving down the road, even more boring. I actually had to edit alot of them out on my video – no one would sit through them!

        If you really want music you can rename the HL2 soundtrack files to the same as the ones in The Closures music folder and overwrite them.

      2. I released The Closure – Remod in mini addon-bite sized parts, so you can choose what to keep and what to left.

        The HL2 music addon is in here.

  4. I’ll be there! 🙂

    I’m not sure I could stomach going into The Closure again myself, but I could watch somebody else slog through it… Gonna be a looong series mind you.

  5. SPY

    I am quit late with my comment, sorry.

    You could indeed delete or rename all mp3 files for the music problem with YT.
    However, this will as already is mentioned make many cutscene (even more to some)
    boring. This because a lot of those mp3 files are sound effects and not only music.
    best would be to go through them and only change those music files that will cause
    trouble, or at least leave the sound effects in.
    (because otherwise you will experience for instance explotions without any sound, same
    counts for destroying things, these could be without sound then.)

    For sure i will drive Phillip crazy again, but, we are used to that by now. Our taste for games
    and or game dev is very different. Therefore i am even more enthousiastic about your
    atempt to record it. Because, it will indeed be many, many, MANY days before your done with it.
    Hope you endure this newest atemt of mine to make a mod that is fun to play,


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