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I play in different ways. Sometimes i play peaceful (like building in Minecraft). Sometimes i play aggressive (killing every possible enemy in game). Sometimes i play tactical (hiding , finding trick to make game easier etc...).

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  1. Minecraft
  3. Garry's Mod
  4. Command & Conquer: Generals
  5. Portal 2


  1. Poke646
  2. Heart of Evil
  3. Half Life : Invasion
  4. Azure Sheep
  5. Edge of Darkness

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02 Dec 2018 Headcrab Boss I actually managed to kill without any cheats , but only with 7 grenades remained. For me only m...
02 Dec 2018 Someplace Else Second Half-Life map (not mod) i ever played. I saw reviews about this mod and thought this is go...
30 Nov 2018 Heart Of Evil This is first time i encountered Vietnam War theme , Horror and genres all together. Really wei...
30 Sep 2018 E7 Black Star E7 Black Star shows how would Black Mesa look in Soviet Union. This mod adds a lot of new models ...
29 Sep 2018 Peaces Like Us This mod is alternative Half-Life story. What would happen if Xen Aliens and Humans were in good ...
27 Sep 2018 Half-Life: Invasion I played this modified campaign and i think it's GREAT! Story is good , but i didn't like the en...
31 Dec 2017 Poke 646 Vendetta When i started to play Vendetta , it was boring. First 2 chapters are boring , but last chapter i...
31 Dec 2017 Reissues If this mod is not full of bugs as hell , this would be my favorite Half-Life mod. Idea for mod i...
31 Dec 2017 Azure Sheep This is in my top 5 best Half Life mods. It’s adventurous . I really enjoyed playing it. It’s har...
31 Dec 2017 USS Darkstar This mod is really good. For now , this is oldest mod i played. It is not too short , it is not b...
31 Dec 2017 Poke 646 This is my favorite mod for now. When i played this i felt i was playing another game. Only thing...
30 Dec 2017 Edge Of Darkness When i first saw mod on the internet , i was thinking it isn't good mod , but when i tried it , i...
24 Dec 2017 Headcrab Boss I actually killed without any cheats , but only 7 grenades are remained. Maps/Mods like this are...
16 Dec 2017 Azure Sheep This is in my top 5 best Half Life mods. It's adventurous . I really enjoyed playing it. It's har...
16 Dec 2017 They Hunger I played this mod for some 20 minutes. It was very good until i saw police zombies that shoot . A...
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