Poll Question 002 – Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo?

27th October 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This question needs to be read and then answered immediately. No time to think, just react!

You have 50% health and 50% ammo. In front of you the enemy is rushing towards you. There is health to your left and ammo to your right but you only have enough time to collect one before you will be engaged by the said enemy. Which do you collect; Health or Ammo?

The question tries to question your style of play and confidence level. I voted Health because my thinking goes something like this.

“I have enough ammo to start firing and will probably run out of health before I run out of ammo! So, I need the health more.”

Of course your thinking might be different.

These types of questions are always unfair because it depends on your suit’s health, the type of weapon and the type ammo available, how many and what type of enemy etc etc.

Still, I think it reveals a little bit about your playing style.

Your Thoughts?


Ok, no graph today (Probably not worth the effort, what do you think?)

Health: 68%
Ammo: 32%
Total Votes: 62

So there you have it. Most of us would prefer to live to fight another day than going out in a blaze of glory!


  1. I voted ammo cause alot of times(depends if mod/game allows it)I will retreat to last health station.

  2. Stef

    vote for ammo too, even if it depends on whish ammo you collect… if you on the back of the door with the shotgun you don’t need more health

  3. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Health, since I’m good at saving ammo, but I am rather reckless in fights.

  4. dougjp

    Health, if I’m dead I can’t play anything! The question made me hesitate though, because the pic shows rocket ammo and that’s a different story in terms of what has to be fought…..

  5. health lol… you guys need to learn defense moves.health is good for a bit but if you kill a guy you get his ammo etc.. but if you have no ammo you cant continue unless the stupid guy blows himself up.if you were taking on a strider then yes health is a must but there is allways a box full around near you.same for choppers and npc craft.other parts are when it matters.10 manhacks after you? do I take health or ammo? I take out the crowbar and beat the shit out of em.then take what I need if I dont run over it firt.

  6. Ezequielhl

    I thought “health” with my FPS instict ^^.

  7. because the pic shows rocket ammo and that’s a different story in terms of what has to be fought…..

    Yeah, strangely that was the best image I could find at short notice. That would make a huge difference if it was rockets or health.

  8. el_espaniol

    Mmmmhh…good question: …If I can get, both…!!!; but it there is no chance I get for health to take the ammo….!!!

  9. shungokusatsu

    Health! My battle tactic is never reckless in half-life, and I always take my time with shots and avoid panicking, so I can survive without too much ammo. However, in quake, I’m totally the opposite; its just running around destroying everything in sight as fast as I can!

  10. David

    Ammo, 100%. If you’ve got full health but run out of ammo mid fight you’re having a bad day. But if you’ve got full ammo you can refill on health after you’ve blown the enemy to tiny little pices.

  11. KingDaniel

    From that pic i’d choose ammo…healthchargers in HL2 take time, but ammo’s picked up instantly!
    If it were an instant health kit, however i’d go for that.

  12. Yeah, the type of ammo does make a lot of difference. What I really meant was bullets not rockets!!

    Looking at the results so far, I wonder if it tells us anything about level design. Should there be more health than ammo, assuming that you always have enough to shot every enemy?

  13. Health of course, if the ammo is out, then I just grab the crowbar.

  14. Final results have been added to the post.

    I wonder if this percentage is the saem as what is available in a game?

    Could be an interesting research project.

  15. This depends entirely on the circumstances. If I have 3 shots left and the enemy I’m going up against needs 4 to take it down, I’ll go after the ammo, but if the enemy is likely to get a shot in that can kill me in the meantime, I’ll shoot the first shots while I get the health and then try to grab the ammo after surviving the shot from the enemy.

  16. esswok

    I collect nothing I kill everything first and double check then go back and collect toys

  17. Joe

    If there was a choice, Between heath and ammo, If I was in equal need of both. I would choose health. You can always run up to “all he who appose you” and crowbar their faces into decorative paint. Most of the time its whatever I need. Less than 40% collective ammo capacity and I go for the ammo. (If I am at full health)

    1. Rikersbeard

      I agree with you. you can always rely on the trusty crowbar in a tight spot.

  18. Dusty

    Ammo, then make them chase me back to a narrow threshold. take’em out then go back for the health

  19. Ammo. Killing the enemy is the best way to protect your health.

    Getting shot in the back while your having dinner is no way to go.

    Slaughter then much feasting follows.

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