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Gerry Gauthier

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28 March 2006


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69-year old PC Gamer and especially the Half-Life series! Now 72 years old and still kicking! Retired as a civilian bush pilot. Favourite games: H-L, FarCry, Doom3, H-L2, BF2, BF1942, RtCW. Presently trying out MMORPG games for a change of pace.

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28 Jul 2012 Cry of Fear Hi! I'm a little late in the news but I finally read about this mod today. I guess I'm getting ol...
20 Jul 2012 The Core - Half-Life - In Development Mods First time I hear about this mod that seems very promising! I'm following the progress and reall...
17 Feb 2010 Poll Question 159 - Do you expect there to be a new vehicle in Ep3? A "full equipped" hovercraft would suit me just fine!
08 Dec 2008 Instinct Since everything has been said about this fine mod, I will add only this: I had a real good ...
03 Dec 2008 Forward Motion I had a lot of fun playing this mappack, especially map 10 because I happen to enjoy puzzles in...
03 Dec 2008 Old School Thanks a lot gg! The new version on Moddb installed correctly and works great! I'll sleep bett...
01 Dec 2008 Old School Hi andyb! I did what you mentioned and it stilldoesn't work! Is it possible that I should un...
30 Nov 2008 Old School My installation of Steam is as follows: E:\ProgramFiles\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\Sourcemods\HL2os...
21 May 2007 Lunch Lady Invasion: They're Hungry Hi! Two questions: Is this mod compatible with Steam? 2: How do I install it? Tks.in advanc...
26 Mar 2007 Idol Hunt HI kasperg! I was armed because I went back after retreiving the crowbar and pistol! I never ...
24 Mar 2007 Idol Hunt With this I don't mean it's bug free or perfect in any way. But I usually speak about the pos...
19 Nov 2006 Rock 24 I had the same experience and all I did was hit "enter" and the rest went real smooth.
28 Oct 2006 Poll Question 002 - Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? I opt for health
12 May 2006 Cleaner's Adventures I've played the mod through without a hitch and , as to the scientist dying in the lift, I found ...
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