Lunch Lady Invasion: They’re Hungry

for Half-Life

1st October 2001

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods
Author’s Note:

“Warning, this map contains shitloads of profanity (hehe). Oh yeah, and destroy lots of stuff. Not just because its fun! Also, the general plot is this. You are a typical American high school student (yes I know you’re not armed at the beginning, and everybody knows that all American school children are armed to the teeth 24-7 but you uh… you forgot your weaponry at home is that a good enough explanation?). Anyway you get called to the Principal’s office during lunch, and here is where the fun begins… “

Basic Details
  • Title: Lunch Lady Invasion: They’re Hungry
  • File Name: hl1-sp-lunch-lady-invasion-episode-1.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 3.00Mb
  • Author: pw33n15
  • Date Released: 01 October 2001
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  1. Joe


    This is actually a fairly large and decent HL1 Mod based around the idea of a zombie invasion. Its one of the first mods I tried for Half-life and still remains a firm favourite. There are also two other mini-mods (They Hunger 2 and 3) which build up to complete the story of the invasion. They Hunger: Source is in development. This game was also featured on PC Gamer UK cover disks numerous times.

    Overall the mods add up to be as large as Half-Life 1 at least and, while a bit more repetitive, still a fantastic mod.

    The mod can be played in multiplayer with some later versions of the mod but its not really worth it. Level design for DM is good, but weapons are too weak and slow – supposed to add tension in single player.

    Whatever the case, Brainbread can satisfy your HL1 zombie deathmatch needs, this will satisfy your single player cravings. Grab it!

  2. Mini

    i quite liked the mod it had funny people in it and at the end you go into a teleportor I was wondering is there a second ine.

  3. piledriver

    OK, I must be tired. Started in a load of big halls, killed a few zombies, found a scientist, killed a few zombies then… nothing. No more doors will open. Ran around for ten minutes. Whacked the scientist for making stupid remarks. Jumped off some stuff to try to die, but nothing high enough. Counted the floor tiles. Went to sleep. Wake me up when anyone can tell me what to do next. On second thoughts, just let me sleep…..

  4. Hi! Two questions: Is this mod compatible with Steam?

    2: How do I install it? advance and have a nice day!

  5. piledriver

    Thanks for the walkthrough. Strange illogical triggers, a few laughs, nasty Barneys with nasty guns who look at you funny.

  6. Manual_Monaro
    Avoid It!

    Well, that was certainly bizarre. But unfortunately, it’s not bizarre in the sense of the excellent Ispitatel 4, nor was its attempt at humour on par with that of Ispitatel 4. In fact, Lunch Lady Invasion is a pretty bad mod.

    I’ll start off with gameplay by stating that I wasn’t particularly bored throughout. (Except one thing did — See below.) It did at least keep my interest, mostly with some of the mods ” interesting” gimmicks. I might go as far as saying the mod’s gameplay is actually quite good in just a few cases. I mean, you don’t fight security guards every day. But what drags it down is the case of ” been there, done that,” which is prevalent throughout the mod. Oh, and let’s not forget the mod’s bad design and layouts that contribute to the negatives. (More on that in a minute…)

    I will be blunt and say I didn’t really have too much fun. (And there’s a difference between not being bored and having fun — At least for me.) Enemy placement is below-average, item placement below-average — At times it comes off as arcade-like, as if inspired by Wolfenstein 3D. The puzzles are another case of ” been there, done that.” They’re completely impractical and very unrealistic as well. I mean, you smash a computer, a door miraculously blows open. But that door was, like, 20 metres away, (?) in the adjacent hallway! You blow up another computer and it — um —ACTIVATES something? (!!!) What the hell!?

    Still, I did mention above that gameplay is good in a few cases. It is. The security guards are pretty fun to fight with and they are placed quite well in a few places. I’ll go as far as saying that I enjoyed fighting some of them. But that’s really a small percentage of the mod. (Probably about 5 % of the time was enjoyable, and yet the guards appear about 45 % of the time.) Everything around it is mediocre and fairly repetitive.

    There was this small gimmick that I liked, though. The author has modified the hitboxes of nearly every enemy, so headshots kill instantly. Plus, there’s extra gore, with blood spurting everywhere! It was actually satisfying. Even when you whack the heads with a crowbar, they gib into satisfying pieces!

    But that’s just a gimmick. Gameplay is overall mediocre.

    Now onto design, which is… Bad! Everything seems too large. And empty. I mean, you load up the first map, and you start exploring — Nearly every room just looks so bland and vacant.

    In fact, forcing yourself to explore is just boring and tedious, simply because the author has made every room too large, and despite the huge maps, he barely rewards you for exploration. There isn’t even any eye candy to gawk at! Couple this with fairly bland and un-thought out layouts (For the most part.) and you get the mediocre gameplay, as mentioned above.

    But overall, everything lacks detail. Design is so damn repetitive! Brushwork is decent, but just so blocky. Texturing is dull and monotonous. Trimwork is non-existent. Honestly, I’ve seen stuff in the BUILD engine (Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood etc.) that looks way better.

    Okay, I will admit there were SOME un-painful areas, as well as some interestingly built doors and formations. (There was one door in particular on a later map that was well constructed.) But it never comes off as contemporary, at least to the standard of stuff being released on GoldSrc these days.

    I’m not going to go any further with that.

    Set pieces are decent, but not spectacular. In fact, the first set-piece you encounter is actually quite horrid design wise. it’s supposed to be the roof collapsing in, I guess, but it’s just an explosion and slowly — Yes, slowly — Moving brushwork that ” slide” into place. What the…!?

    Another problem is the real lack of ambience. All I can remember was an alarm. That’s it. I should also mention that a lot of the sound effects used for the doors seem awfully out of place.

    There’s some new custom content here, but unlike the rest of the mod, it’s actually pretty decent. The new skins looked pretty nice, but they’re nothing spectacular. A few of the new textures were o.k. at best. There’s new voice acting that’s used for both NPCs and the player character. it’s a bit shoddy with quality, but still quite audible. The acting isn’t bad, but it still isn’t an ” A grade” mark. (If you’re offended by ethnic/social/working class stereotypes, you might want to find another mod to play… Not that I’m recommending this one in the first place — More on that in a second…)

    The mod has a fairly basic story. Nothing really in-depth. The mod attempts to relay humour, but I didn’t find funny at all. (Except for Black Jesus, whose mere concept garnered a chortle out of me. Oh yeah, I laughed when I decided I’d kill Black Jesus for no apparent reason… Although it’s game over when you do that… Bah!) But I’m sure a few people would find it humorous at times.

    Overall, quite an appalling mod, really. It has its positives, but its negatives are just too great in number. There are a few things which might JUST appeal to some people, which is why I’ve been tied between whether you should “consider it” or “avoid it!”

    Ultimately, I chose ” avoid it!” because this mod just doesn’t show itself to be appealing to most contemporary players.

    My recommendation:

  7. Anon-00535
    Play It Now!

    I distinctly remember playing this mod a long time ago, back before there was a walkthrough.

    I got stuck in the first map, but I could tell that this was shaping out to be a very quirky and strange mod. In fact, one part of the mod involves exploding some refrigerators to activate a teleporter. Yeah, I’m not making this up. I never even knew there was a teleporter until I read the walkthrough. Honestly, it looked like some computers and a broken crate. Plus, when you activate the teleporter, the only notification you receive is in the form of a witty remark that your character makes. Now I’m not saying I’ve never heard any slang before, but what the hell is a “slip gate”? Thanks for being helpful, jackass. Plus, the teleporter doesn’t even create any visual effects to let you know that it’s up and running. Very, very frustrating. This the very reason why I never completed this mod before.

    The mod features some very large, spacious rooms. And as Manual_Monaro said before, the author has modified the hitboxes and deaths of enemies (and you!). So in other words, jabs to the occipital lobe will gib enemies into countless pieces.

    The author tried to insert some humour into the mod as well, but it just comes out as too strange and/or stereotypical to laugh at.

    All in all, it’s pretty decent if you can get past the first map. Too short though. But I’d definitely like to see more work from this author.

    …with the walkthrough =p

    I don’t get why they bash CliffyB either… He’s a cool dude.

  8. Gilfrarry

    What is a “slip gate”?

    Wikipedia says a slipgate is a fictional teleportation device from the game Quake.

    I don’t get why they bash CliffyB either…

    Who criticized CliffyB?

  9. [quote comment=”0″]What is a “slip gate”?

    Wikipedia says a slipgate is a fictional teleportation device from the game Quake.

    There is a small amount, but there are some that have never played Quake I before and will never ever get this reference (i.e., me).

    I don’t get why they bash CliffyB either…

    Who criticized CliffyB?[/quote]

    In the credits, someone is credited as doing CliffyB’s voice, now I could be mistaken, but the only voice I heard was “Jesus’, and the random police officer. And according to the readme.txt, you play as “a typical American high school student”.

    It was just an afterthought statement anyway =p

  10. Dailybacon

    Did you guys even beat the mod? CliffyB is the guy who says he’ll do anything for you… [i]anything[/i].

  11. Dailybacon

    D’oh, I hang around message boards too much.

  12. HL Masta
    Play It Now!

    Hey whens gonna arrive Episode 2 of this mod?
    This rocked!

  13. Mel
    Think Twice

    very average game/not much quality/confusing first level/improves a bit/textures & design poor

  14. Avoid It!

    As my humble personality first read the title I was having mixed feeling about it, just like:
    “Hmm.. a formerly highschool teen made this as some sort of revenge for his evil lunch lady at school?”


    “Naw, c’mon, it maybe is just a silly title, but an awesome experience, like the movie “From Paris with Love” which definitely is no romantic movie hehe

    Well, it then appeared to be the first thought (which is mostly the right, isn’t it?)
    So you start in cafeteria, huge rooms, more empty than filled, no details at all.
    Soon finding out you’ll need a brain to solve this mod 😉
    Unfortunately the puzzles were odd and not obviously what a lever will do, or that you have to break non-obvious things to move on, that’s bad design!
    Thanks god, there’s a PDF solution here on Phillip’s site, which I needed for the first map, or I’d still running around, not knowing that the teleporter finally is working because it doesn’t change it’s look or is making a sound…
    After that part, the oddity continues until the end so there’s not really a special thing to mention here.
    Only that the design gets a little better, a bit humour here and there but mostly it started to bore me.
    Maybe cause of lack of nice gameplay and design, or the fact that it’s by far too easy (besides silly, unavoidable explosions)

    -More or less difficult puzzles (not obvious, especially in first map, read walkthrough if stuck)
    -A bit action here and there, but too easy (even the final showdown)
    -Humour, as far as I can tell / understood
    -Indoor, outdoor, a bit water areas
    -Values of healthkits changed if I’m right (giving more health back)
    -Zombies are weaker (use crowbar, sometimes instant death)
    -Secret areas
    -No bugs

    -Odd, basic and poor, undetailed level design
    -Short playtime
    -Too easy difficulty resulting in bad balancing (combat)
    -No real story, no sense at all (to me)
    -Surely a lot more which I can’t remember by now (phew!)

    Conclusion: It’s even not worth a “think twice” so just avoid it.

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