Half-Life Emergency

for Half-Life

7th April 2006


Half-life: Emergency is a Latvian-Russian mod.   You are playing characters are two real people. There is a detailed storyline but it’s only available in Russian.   (Please contact me if you speak Russian and are willing and able to translate it for our English readers!)   The mod is by “MEGASIS TEAM”, they are: Eif aka Arthur Feoklistov, Nod aka Edgar Barons, Got17 aka Revin Zakhar, Demiurge, Shooter_Andy aka Andrew Larionov.   Mod uses the Spirit of Half-life 1.2 engine.   There are 16 maps, new sounds, sprites, textures and models

Basic Details
  • Title: Half-Life Emergency
  • File Name: hl1-sp-half-life-emergency.7z
  • Original File Name: hlem.zip
  • Size : 23.3Mb
  • Author: Megasis Team
  • Date Released: 30 November 2004
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Christian

    Well, I finished it in about 2 hours (always on difficult).
    – The version I downloaded was all in russian, so I had a lot of guesswork to do 😉
    – I tried to see the new link, in case there is an english version, but I got a “404 Not found” from the russion server.

  2. eif

    I am very happy to see our mod on this site:)

  3. eif

    How can I contact you to send my other mods & storylines? Your e-mail works incorrect.:(

  4. I’ll add army to my list of mods to add. Is there a story or background you can give me?

  5. eif

    Do you received my letter?

  6. yes, I replied to your email. Perhaps your ISP is blocking my ISP or something? I get lots of email everyday, so I know it’s working. What files do you have that you want to send me?

  7. Mystery8

    Nice mod. I really liked the rainy atmosphere in the first map (especially effective since its been raining here all day 🙂 ). I probably would have enjoyed this more if I understood Russian, but all the same it was fun.

  8. Nod

    Wow. I play our mod 4-times 🙂
    I so happy when our mod is everywhere =)

  9. eif

    My new mod (demo)

  10. Doomer64

    i played this mod a few back I foud it hard to understand but the maps are very well made which kept me playin” nice mod

  11. Mel

    Sorry but don’t like this mod. Very basic and boxy design, textures run wild all over the place, no flowing game play with plot jumping all over the place. Do not think I could understand this even if it was in English, hate to be negative but find this game just too dis-jointed to play and although I am well through the game I want carry on to the finish. Read some where that someone finished this in 2 hours, I think you need a bit of nocliping and god mode for that. Such a lot of work that with care and attention to basic mapping (watch I know nothing) plus some good testing this may have made somthing, has it stands it’s just a dis-jointed mess. However, there is a game here and it is playable and I guess we all have different ideas on what makes a good game, for me it’s the fun factor and if I am not having fun then whats the point.

  12. Maybe?

    This mod has the not best level design, but the maps are not bad either. No English language either, just russian. If you can tolerate Russian language, try it, otherwise, avoid it.

  13. TheRipper

    I am stuck at the xen level. I’ve taken the logical and only path, and I end up on a platform that doesn’t go anywhere. To be specific: I am on the 2 platforms which are practically adjacent, one round and still, the other rectangular and rotating. How do I go from there? Without cheating I mean…

  14. Ade

    Just skip on the next still rock and on the next with the H-pack and from there, take the rotating one approaching, then on the square moving slowly, then the next one, which will take you higher. Jump on the last; map change.
    After struggling to finish the training, I find out that the map after the Xen is the same as the training 😐 what gives. Let me know if that’s the end and if it’s worth killing all the aliens again.
    I’m not keen on the mapping nor textures, but something kept me going. Sometimes the next step couldn’t make any sense, but it worked, so..

    I think it can be done in even less than 2 hours, but not on difficult 😛

  15. TheRipper

    Thank you again, Ade. However, by now I have removed the files and the saved games, so I won’t go on anymore. Also I didn’t find this mod very good, and particularly the training map is not very much to my liking.

  16. Eif’s “You are in army now” mod, that he mentioned above, is available at http://eif.lca.lv/hl.html

  17. Think Twice

    Russian weirdness at it’s best? This mod was made mostly bei Eif, but also other mappers were involved, such as Nod and Demiurge to name a few.
    I cannot tell much about the story as all texts, voices and even the readme is all in Russian.
    My Russian is too bad to read fluently anyway.
    It just feels like escape/rescue and puzzle mission somehow.
    There is no Black Mesa here, altho some maps do like it due to the textures.
    You have to visit a short Xen-like world, and even have to play it twice! Annoying.
    What’s more annoying is the very first map (em1). It kept crashing after a few seconds.
    So I did progress 5 meters, quicksave and CRASH! Quickload, move on 5 more meters… CRASH! Sigh! At least “Emergency” ran stable in the following maps.
    But there are also some script bugs I think.
    I just couldn’t find a way to open a security door, Barney was no help and there was no clue.
    So I did noclip through to find the needed power switch to proceed.
    Maybe there is indeed a way and I just couldn’t figure it out, whatever.

    Mapping is okay, there is some new stuff like customized models, new textures and prefabs.
    Lighting is also nice sometimes. Nonetheless some graphic bugs are annoying though.
    In one of the early oudoor maps I thought it’s like the old “Turok – Dinosaur Hunter” game.
    You just can’t see farther than about 20 meters and suddenly, when moving forward, it all appears finally.

    Usually puzzles have to been solved here, but there is also some combat with aliens.
    The combat itself is quite easy, except a few spots like the coloseum or on the last platform in the Xen-like map. But with good tactics, this will be easy as well.

    Oh apropos coloseum, if you play the “Hazard Course” instead of a “New Game”, you’ll be taken directly to these three maps long section of the game, so I don’t recommend playing the “Hazard Course” as you have to play it later in the game anyway.
    Just one more thing: it’s very similar to Eif’s “EIF Coloseum” map, but it’s not the same!

    Puzzle design is quite nice and not obvious at first often. But they are not too hard.
    The atmosphere can be described at weird as I never knew why I’m here and there, and what’s it all about.
    Guess you have to play it, to find out what I mean or to make your opinion.

    -Some good puzzles
    -Some decent mapping, but far from great
    -New models, prefabs etc., also fog and rain
    -Good playtime (~30-90 mins)
    -Some cutscenes

    -Odd story, texts and voices only in Russian
    -Balancing, combat is too easy in my eyes (except if you wanna fight the alien grunts)
    -Many design oddities
    -Bugs like triggering scripts, game crashs, graphic bugs
    -Strange atmosphere
    -Rather frustrating than fun at times

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