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21 March 2022




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  1. Afraid of Monsters
  2. Half Quake 2
  3. Gunman Chronicles
  4. Hazardous Course 2
  5. Heart of Evil

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I can use blender to make simple geometry, that's about it.

Latest 25 Comments
02 Dec 2022 Timeline 3: Heart Of Darkness As the last game of the trilogy it feels a lot more polished in presentation and gameplay, there ...
10 Apr 2022 Timeline 2: Iced Earth The environment in this game is really REALLY good, some very impressive places and setpieces. H...
21 Mar 2022 Prototype 98 Very cute, very short, cool mod!
21 Mar 2022 Half-Life: Echoes Even as someone who doesn't like classic half life mods, this one is really amazing, everything i...
21 Mar 2022 Poke 646 Vendetta This game is more of an ending than a full sequel, and that makes it a more enjoyable experience ...
21 Mar 2022 Poke 646 It's pretty good although really short, the environment do look nice and the puzzles are fine.
21 Mar 2022 Half-Life: Invasion Classic half life gameplay with a shiny UI.
21 Mar 2022 E7 Black Star It's classic half life, if you enjoy this you'll love it, if you want something more original you...
21 Mar 2022 Timeline 1 The concept is pretty good, but it's a bit lacking, and the ending sequence is really weird.
21 Mar 2022 They Hunger A very lengthy zombie adventure with a lot of twists along the way. It's not really my style of ...
21 Mar 2022 Edge Of Darkness A fast paced mod that gives you a wild and enjoyable ride than leaves, leaving you wanting more. ...
21 Mar 2022 Point of View They really made playing as an enemy really interesting, the gameplay loop is fun and the level d...
21 Mar 2022 The Challenger Deep 2 I think the original has better level design overall, but in a technical sense this game is bette...
21 Mar 2022 Challenger Deep It's classic half life, the environment is pretty good, but it's pretty buggy, at least I think t...
21 Mar 2022 The Trap Very smart game but also very hard.
21 Mar 2022 USS Darkstar It's pretty good, especially for the time, it's classic half life but the environment is amazing.
21 Mar 2022 Hazardous Course 2 This mod is amazing, the humor is really good, the puzzles are really interesting, and the mod is...
21 Mar 2022 Azure Sheep I just hate the level design in this game, everything is big and empty there are a lot of dead en...
21 Mar 2022 Absolute Redemption This is more of a historic mod than anything else apparently being one of the first half life mod...
21 Mar 2022 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition So this game is really something else, on one hand it's a visually really impressive game, and th...
21 Mar 2022 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Short but very enjoyable experience.
21 Mar 2022 Half-Quake Sunrise This one is really hard to recommend, it is a very cool ending to the half quake trilogy, however...
21 Mar 2022 Half-Quake: Amen: The Present Yeah it's that short, nothing to lose here, it's pretty solid, but nothing special either.
21 Mar 2022 Half-Quake Amen What a masterpiece, it's a visual treat of audio-design, and a complete fever dream. If you want...
21 Mar 2022 Half-Quake The original half quake is really short and really cute, it's basically a mario troll romhack but...
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