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I love Half-life, Freelancer, Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Doom, Quake, Oni and other good old games.
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Latest 25 Comments
13 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes This has surpassed my expectations time and time again the longer I've played it. It's now my fa...
12 Aug 2018 Nuclear Plant This is worth a play as it's short and keeps pretty much the same format of e1m2 from doom, but i...
12 Aug 2018 Hunt Down the Freeman - 24 Hours Simply superb Open World Gameplay. It made me chuckle even though I've only heard of the controv...
10 Dec 2014 Hazardous Materials: Episode 1 I am sorry for the harsh comments but this would be a good mod if the following problems would be...
06 Aug 2014 The Trap This is one of the best HL 1 mods out there in terms of polish and mapping quality. The puzzles g...
28 Apr 2014 Xen again - Half-Life A short map that tries to tell a story but fails. It only deserves a 2 at most because while it ...
23 Apr 2014 Hopelessness This is a nice mod consisting of a few maps and new skins, sounds and animations. It's basically...
14 Apr 2014 Fight for Life This mod is actually a map pack consisting of 5-6 big maps with a few small additions. As Unq sa...
27 Dec 2013 In Medias Res I'd definitely recommend this to someone who enjoyed the first levels of half life 2, it's pretty...
18 May 2013 Selfkill There's no real difficulty in the puzzles except for the skill needed to dodge the enemies, which...
05 Sep 2011 Edge Of Darkness This is an excellent mod, very well made gameplay and design, with little use of custom files. Al...
02 Sep 2011 DAV Sub This mod follows after the other two in the pack (DAV pack1 and train) There isn't really a conn...
23 May 2010 They Hunger It's a great mod, the atmosphere and design is great, the voice acting is off but don't criticize...
23 May 2010 They Hunger I played this mod for the first time when my dad had a cracked old WON half-life disc with PC-Gam...
23 May 2010 Half Life: Xen At least it's somehow finished. It's truly a begginer's mappack. There is a little story, not th...
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