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    Retired: half life 2 addict.
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    Latest 25 Comments
    01 Feb 2013 Baryonic Predicament I downloaded as usual and installed in sourcemods as usual but it will not show in Steam Library....
    29 Dec 2009 The Trap Location: 5C level 2. Found my problem, had to use mouse 2 with gauss gun to break screen and se...
    29 Dec 2009 The Trap Well looks like nobody follows this one anymore. If somebody knows of a walk through that was mad...
    28 Dec 2009 The Trap Well I finally made it back to 5C after almost a year off and made it to level 2. I got the door ...
    09 Dec 2009 Research And Development Pure genius! It stands alongside the Mona Lisa as a great piece of art! Mr. Bortolino I salute...
    04 Dec 2009 Unexpected Conclusion Just found the push button for the door. Don't know how I missed it the first few times.
    04 Dec 2009 Unexpected Conclusion Sorry, I wasn't logged in when I posted this help message.Anonymous
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps Except for the one bug I ran into at the end I give it a Thumbs up. The game play seemed a little...
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps I went back and reread it and followed all instructions and it worked. I then retyped noclip to t...
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps I typed no and noclip came up in console and I clicked on submit and resumed game but I could not...
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps Thanks Jasper
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps Phillip, How do you noclip? I tried typing it in console and hit enter but I couldn't do anyt...
    07 Nov 2009 Fake Episode 3 Maps I just went through the ship and am making my way back out. I just ran into Alyx and Barney but c...
    02 Nov 2009 Escape 2 by Tim Can't make it to vehicle whats the scoop is game over here?
    18 Mar 2009 Factory Defense After playing a few times I got disappointed that I couldn't find a crow bar or gravity gun. The...
    16 Mar 2009 A Frayed Stitch in Time: Episode 1 FYI, I just received the following info in response to an e-mail I sent Belboz the Mod creator:...
    12 Mar 2009 Poll Question 113 - Has a mod ever made you a better player The only thing that makes people better at anything is practice. The more you play the better you...
    07 Mar 2009 A Frayed Stitch in Time: Episode 1 I just finished "a frayed stitch in time" that was on my PC for a few years. Does anybody know if...
    04 Feb 2009 The Trap Lucky Darth, I quit on start of 5C about 4 weeks ago. I was getting ready to start again until ne...
    28 Jan 2009 The Trap Len, Yes it's there I went and listened myself. I guess your not nuts after all. I'm sure I'v...
    28 Jan 2009 The Trap Len, Did you read all of 186?
    28 Jan 2009 The Trap Len, If you're hearing voices now I would watch out for the men with the white jackets! It co...
    04 Jan 2009 The Trap The puzzles I like also. Its the time constraint put on completing a solution to move on. Its lik...
    04 Jan 2009 The Trap Just tried 5C for a few hours. Looks like a tough go.
    03 Jan 2009 The Trap I made it to 5C and have not tried to play yet. I am taking a break over the holidays as this gam...
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