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10 Feb 2021 2020 General Chat Hi. Unq, when you find the time would you be interested in adding my mod Half-Life: Sum? It's ...
23 Feb 2018 The Beautiful Indoor Experiment Mapping Challenge Thanks. Autonomy Lost was a nice learning experience for me. :)
29 Oct 2017 Hunt The C-nt Yes, it's called .
29 Oct 2017 Hunt The C-nt Don't worry, the sequel won't have any Xen nor any annoying jumping sequences.
12 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero Whenever the fast zombies did their leap attack at me I did lose a ton of health (on medium diffi...
11 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero I'm in the same boat as Comfort Jones. Highly frustrating mod even on medium difficulty. There's ...
18 May 2017 Between Two Worlds No autosaves, the combat scenarios were generally pretty bad and the constant barrage of cutscene...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Heh, I guess I'm the only one who's been enjoying it for the past two hours. Yeah, it's your typi...
03 Jun 2013 The Challenger Deep 2 To be honest this could've have used some additional testing as I ran into a few bugs during my p...
18 Dec 2012 Poll Question 287 - Are you waiting until they release the final (Xen) section to play Black Mesa? Already played and completed it two times.
11 Nov 2012 Campaign Part 1 Even though it felt very unfinished I still very much enjoyed playing through it. There were some...
11 Nov 2012 Mechanized Death: An Army of None I quite liked this even though the gameplay felt a bit empty and easy while story-wise there wasn...
10 Nov 2012 Under The Black Moon This was quite good actually, especially considered the rest of the entries so far has been lackl...
06 Nov 2012 Other-Life: Hatch 18: Chapter 1: Forgotten Passenger Nice atmosphere and scripted sequences but it's plagued with broken English, long tedious section...
26 Jun 2012 Half-Life: On A Rail Probably the most dullest chapter in the game. Never enjoyed this one except for the rocket at th...
28 Mar 2012 Facility No worries, I'll let Phillip know whenever I'm close to finishing it. Currently I'm finishing off...
24 Mar 2012 Facility Thanks. I'm currently working on a small MOD for Half-Life (with OP4 content) that's continuing o...
24 Mar 2012 Facility I didn't "gave up on it" -- that was how it was supposed to end. I didn't feel I had anything mor...
21 Feb 2012 Last Zombie I have to agree with Sparks unfortunately. By no means terrible as I really liked the atmosphere ...
03 Aug 2011 Vengeance [spoiler]The small house in the second area also houses a few grenades plus a health pack. Would ...
28 Jul 2011 Ispitatel 2 Overall, this is an improvement over its predecessor in terms of gameplay. The level design is pr...
27 Jul 2011 Ispitatel 1 Shame that on an otherwise good looking map pack it's plagued with some really bad gameplay and d...
24 Jul 2011 The Ropes Fairly average map pack with some uneven, monotone and quite frankly tedious level design, puzzle...
23 Jul 2011 Brave Brain There's a army truck inside the storage area. Jump up to the driver's seat and use the truck to...
23 Jul 2011 Brave Brain I were debating with myself wherever I should give this a rating but in the end I went for a fou...
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