Third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Starts This Friday

6th September 2017

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the late reminder. The dates were published weeks ago but I know that people don’t always pay attention and mark them in their diary or tell their secretary.

So, anyway, this Friday at 10pm Central European Summer Time, the third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge starts.

Full details will be announced in a post which will have all the details.

The judges and I are really excited about this theme and I would have loved to have a tease countdown but couldn’t think of a good way to do it.

Yes, the image is a clue and either it’s really obvious, in which case I apologise or it’s so obscure to be worthless and again, I apologise.

Here is the countdown timer for the start of the challenge.


  1. Is this the kind of obvious image that’s gonna have me facepalm and scream “why didn’t I figure this out myself” later? Because I’m not good at those, and it looks like a giant bumper car made out of cotton candy to me, for whatever reason.

    I’m really excited for what the theme is going to be.

    1. Honestly, I think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to guess, but I have thought that before and people have known the answer.

      1. Well unless it’s a “flying bumper car” challenge, I haven’t got a clue, if that’s any consolation.

        1. FlyingBumperCarVille confirmed!

  2. Firing my secretary right now

  3. Hec

    Please launch “EPIC BATTLE VILLE” entries focused on huge or massive battles against the CMB.

  4. I want to see AbstractVille.
    With unusual maps like Insomnia, Hypnophobia….

    1. Hec

      That’s a great Idea! Or a cool one like The Great Forever Tomorrow.

  5. Abhranil

    waiting eagerly

  6. Is it from the Half Life 2 ending scene with the G Man?

  7. That kinda looks like the arctic. Epistle3ville?

  8. Hopefully there’s another 50hr challenge soon.

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