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Can't get any shit right with real life things, so I'm here. Can press ctrl+z at least.
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I can't aim

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Dangerous Dave; Quake; Half-Life;

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  1. Quake
  2. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
  3. Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault
  4. Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
  5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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  • Mapping: A lot
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  • Music: Little
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11 Sep 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - Epistle3Ville I agree. It is really hard to put together something worth of "Episode 3" title in such short tim...
08 Sep 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - Epistle3Ville Do we need to pack these optional assets into bsp or they will be presented in the mod on release?
06 Sep 2017 Third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Starts This Friday Firing my secretary right now
07 Jul 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - CromulentVille SillyVille, finally! P.S.: i liked that timer-thing you had, really simplifies tracking of dea...
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille [escape from sewers] The crowbar was there to break the vent, not to kill zombies - that's defini...
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille Nah forget about .dems, they are broken and Valve not gonna fix them
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille If anyone ever get to play my map (Escape from sewers), please consider to record a .dem file and...
16 Apr 2017 ToxicVille Using 7z, no problems spotted.
28 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Should the level be set in Half-Life universe?
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