Audio Interview with Bradley Toliver

28th February 2016

I finally managed to sit down and chat with Bradley Toliver AKA ComfortJones maker of Abandon: The Town.

I was especially keen on chatting with him because the mod features some unusual gameplay mechanic choices and I thought it would be interesting for other modders and players to hear the reasons behind them.

We chat for about 46 minutes and cover pretty much everything I wanted to.

You can listen via this page or download it to your HDD.

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  1. You misquoted me… 🙂

    The reason a Half Life 2 map should have the grav gun is that it’s the one element that makes HL2 gameplay. The ability for the player to manipulate their environment to their own advantage… Without that it’s just Half Life 1 and you may as well make a Black Mesa map.

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