What The Headcrab! Episode 12

12th June 2016

Howdy all, let’s get started on this week’s round up of the Half-Life Single Player news.

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Last week’s winner is announced in this episode.

Half-Life 3 News

Final Thoughts

Do we think that with Summer coming up, development of mods will slow down?

Until next time, remember, Finishing Half-Life is just the Beginning!



  1. I saw these HL3 strings on Reddit too. That’s pretty interesting, so maybe, MAYBE we’re close???

    1. Yeah, for sure “HL3 confirmed, will be soon” episode 2137.

    2. A lot of them are old. There is no question that HL3 was in development at some point, but it’s been on an indefinite hiatus for years now. The strings get carried around between projects though. I don’t think it’s an intentional leak, just an oversight.

      The prospects of HL3 are as bleak as ever now because, to be perfectly frank, too much time has passed. Key personnel have left or even retired, such that even if HL3 were to happen, I’m not convinced it’ll be the game I’ve been looking for.

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