What The Headcrab: Episode 006

27th December 2015

Hello, time for another WTH. Christmas is pretty much over and it’s time to think about the New Year.

It’s been 3 weeks since the last WTH and this one is a little different from the others.

Pick of the Episode

This week’s pick is the Lost Story Dev Blog. It’s always nice to see new features added to the base game and this looks great. Check it out later in the episode.

If you don’t know what this podcast is about, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

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  • Prospekt
    This update reveals Project-X’s real name and Richyro0 mentions it is now his job. I’ve sent him a message and am eager to talk to him but no response so far. If anybody has him on Steam, please let em know. There’s a neat article over on EuroGamer about the efforts he has gone to to get himself noticed. The mod looks interesting but he has clearly done a good job of standing out from the crowd.
  • Prospekt Christmas Update
    I posted this one on the RTSL Tumblr account showing 3 images. These definitely look better than the previous update, although I feel that some of the architecture is too boxy.
  • Half-Life Update Mod: Development progress update #07
    There’s a pretty cool video of the worjk that has been done, along with a long list of the updates made.
    I liked all the effects but I’m not that interested in kicking a skull around the floor. Oh, one last thing, I’m not convinced that there should be music when you get the suit. I know that happened in HL2 but that was for a different reason. Did you have music in HL1? Still, all in all, looking forward to this.
  • Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 6 – To-Do List
    I remember looking at this a long time ago and never really “getting it”. That’s not to say, I don’t appreciate the hard work and effort gone into it, it’s just I don’t see the need. If you are curious, check it out.
  • Arrangement’s HDR, Weapon Skins and Gore System.
    WOW, just WOW. Hard to believe this is still GoldSource. Whilst, I don’t think I’ll like the gameplay and style of the mod, I’m still drooling like Homer when he thinks of donuts about the improvements made. This update shows a few comparison images and explains that you can customize the weapon skins and community made skins will be part of the update system.
  • Lost Story Dev.Log #3 (Part 2)
    Oh BOY! This is great but I nearly missed this because the logo is not an HL2 one and that is what I was scanning for, so maybe you missed it too. Anyway, this article shows the new squad system and it looks fantastic. You can get individual squad members to interact with special elements within the mod. I’m not sure how you will know what actions the member will take, but in some cases it’s obvious. For example, highlight an enemy and the member will attack, highlight a ladder and the squad member will climb said ladder. Other things like fridges and milk cartons seem a little silly but maybe that’s just for the video, which is below and is a MUST WATCH.

    NPC command system demo – Mod DB
  • Dark Dreams: Playtesting
    This is another new mod for me. Based on the timescale between when it was first approved back in August 2014 this looks like slow progress for what seems to be just a few maps. Anyway, we all work at our own speed. Nothing special to look at so far, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on, sometimes average can turn into great.
  • Spherical Nightmares is back!
    This mod has now been greenlit and is receiving an update, which includes a new map, an alternative ending and a few other bits and bobs. With nearly 3,500 downloads from RTSL Spherical Nightmares is a fantastic mods and has received a few Personal Favourites from reviewers. IF you haven’t played it, I’d probably say wait for the new version. Oh, and expect some exclusive screenshots and even a preview on RTSL in the New Year. Keep up the good work David!
  • The Closure: Update
    Leon talks about his progress and mentions “the first 22 levels” Holy Headcrabs Batman! How big is the mod going to be? Anyway, the current news is that the mod is supposed to be released tomorrow. IF not the full mod, at least some of it. Fingers crossed.
  • Black Mesa: Hazard Course
    They have announced a release date of Tuesday 29th December, so that’s great. Also, remember, this is for the MOD version of BM.
  • Arctic Incident HD
    Arctic Incident is getting a HD version. I’ve already posted some images on the RTSL Tumblr account, so head over there if you are interested. I think I’ll replay this when the HD version is finished – I gotta find the crossbow!
  • A Thank you from Mr. Half-Rats
    Mr. Half-Rats, HR to his friends, has posted some new images and a progress report on his new mod: Half-Rats: Parasomnia. The update includes a few images and the RTSL Tumblr account has a few exclusive images too. He also talks about his Bestiary, so if that sort of thing interests you, go visit the page and download it.
  • Core-istmas 2015
    Core-blimey mate, an update. As I sit he in my Core-duroy pajamas eating my Core-nflakes and staring at my collection of Core-sits on the wall, I wonder at how Core-ny this all sounds. It reminds me what my best friend, Core-nelius says “Have you put Core-n in my salad?” Anyway, it’s nice to get an update with a few new screenshots – go check out out.
  • Omega Protocol gets a small update
    A few screenshots is enough to keep us sated. They look a little bit squarish but still rather fine.
  • Prospekt: Christmas Update
    A few tasty screenshots, which I featured on the RTSL Tumblr account earlier this week. They look a little boxy to me, but there is still time to change them.
  • Arctic Incident at 90%
    Just a little update informing us of the progress of the HD version. Looks like 88.7% finished to me, but what do I know?
  • Antlions Everywhere: Survival mode
    Wait, I think the whole damn mod WAS a survival mode? I’m not a big fan of these sorts of things but I’ll probably give it a try.
  • Scram
    Last but certainly not least is Scram. This hasn’t had an update on ModDB, but Unq has been posting some stuff on his GoldSourceGold Tumblr account and I wanted you to know.
Final Thoughts

Yep, that’s it. No GB, no Reddit and no YouTube. It was all about mods this episode. If you prefer this, let me know and if you prefer more variety let me know too. If I have missed anything, don’t hesitate to complain and post a comment.

Hope you have a great and SAFE New Year’s eve and I’ll see you next episode!


Background music is a PS2 Menu loop by Clamshaw: YouTube or Steam.


  1. Concerning Prospekt, good on Mr. Seabrook for continuing to follow his dreams and not getting discouraged by Valve’s characteristic lack of, well, care. We live in thrilling times for indie game development.

    The jobs market has been a “seller’s market” for a while now. As a result, it’s pretty astonishing how few companies demonstrate common courtesy, even if it were a simple form letter or a follow-up notification that the position was filled. Just a basic acknowledgement. I’m not sure companies really appreciate how rude silence can be.

  2. I’m loving the mod focus on this episode. I’m sure it cuts down on the research that you have to do for the episode. The variety of sources such as Game Banana, Youtube and Reddit is nice for alternative news, but I’m all about the mods. 😀

  3. Unq

    Of course there is music when you get the HEV!

    You even ran a contest a couple years back to compose a new HEV music piece!

  4. Karl

    why do you guys keep covering lost story? its a dead end, all they do is just seeking for attention from th esource community, they’re not making any progress

    1. No “guys” here – just me. I cover it because I am interested in it.

  5. Thanks for the mention! A correction.. Spherical Nightmares is not yet greenlit. It’s on Greenlight and needs your vote and support! Thanks. 🙂

    Anyway.. Nice juicy update about mods, nom nom! A lot of interesting development.

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