Poll Question 295 – Which games have you finished?

8th July 2014

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I was just checking Reddit and started reading a thread entitled I Just Finished HL2: Ep2 and there wa a message on there by somebody saying he/she hadn’t finished Ep2 because not having HL3/Ep3 made him sad and it got me thinking, how many PP readers haven’t finished the games.

I’m pretty sure we had the discussion before but because readers come and go, I thought it was time for a new one.

I sometimes don’t watch the last episode of a TV series and wait for the next series to come on, so I can watch it just before. I HATE cliffhangers.

If you haven’t finished a game or games, why not?

Time to vote


  1. Noface

    I’m crazy but have finished most of them multiple times. The only one I have only completed once was HL2 ep1 because I didn’t remember it being very enjoyable, I might play it again though some time in the future since it has been a long time. As for all the other games in my library… some I’ve not even ever installed them, but those are probably humble bundle games. My favourite is Half Life Opposing Force.

    1. On my The Replay Experience Experiment event, I was surprised to say the second playthrough of EP1 was more enjoyable than the first.

    2. I have to agree with Phillip on this. Much of the disappointment people have with episode 1 is that it is sandwiched between two fantastic games and therefore just doesn’t seem as great as the others.

      I still have to say that I think the hospital is easily the most well thought out and realistic feeling area in City 17. Valve made a large amount of models specifically to fit in this area and they really help to create the right feeling in the area.

  2. Ade

    Well participating in the TREE event, of course I played and finished all of the above.
    Indeed there’s an incentive to wait for an entire series to come out but as I love the HL universe I just had to play it all, and I don’t regret playing Episode 2 as it’s my favorite of the series. And being the base for so many mods, you need it to understand how the game and the mods work, as well. Waiting for Ep3 is one thing, but it can be done while playing some Ep2 mods now and then.

  3. Hec

    Well is an interesting poll. I can proudly say I finished all of the mentioned games, BUT “HL1 Source”…

    Also I think the Black Mesa Mod it’s going to be mandatory to get it done in the future once the Xen part is released, though is still going to be a mod, but maybe the finest mod in ever get closer to have a very serious rivalry against the original Valve’s HL1 game.

  4. I have OCD, so I not only like to beat games, but complete them as well. I’ve gotten all the achievements in HL2 and would be after the ones in Episode One and Two if I could run them currently. That’s my take on things.

  5. Believe it or not, I have beated them all a lot of times.

  6. Max

    i actually finished them all at least once, but played through some of them at least twice
    i think out of all games, half life 1 gets the most of my replays, i assume because of this nostalgic value, that it has to me.

  7. I’ve finished HL1 but Opp For and Blue Shift I wasn’t very impressed with so I didn’t see those through to the end unfortunately.
    Don’t know why but I find Old Skool HL games to be rather annoying these days…

  8. I am going back through the HL2 series to get some achievements I missed the first time. I recently got Zombie Chopper, The One Free Bullet and Get Some Grub, now working on Hot Potat0wned, Neighborhood Watch, and Little Rocket Man. However, after reading about the last two, I am not so sure that they are worth the trouble.

    1. Replaying episode 2 for Little Rocket Man was actually a really fun and memorable experience.
      That and the “Only shoot one bullet” achievement for episode 1.

      I found it really fun to replay the games that I had experienced, replaying normally wouldn’t offer me anything new and interesting.
      Neither was an annoyance for me, both were actually really good fun to do.

      Screw Neighborhood Watch though

  9. As the biggest Half Life fan in the universe, I have finished all the games about 5 times each. I remember, clear as day the first Half Life game I played, Wich was the demo of Opposing Force. I played that about 20-30 times and from that moment I was hooked.

    Half Life 2 is still my all time favourite game, and it probably will be until Half Life 3 is released. At least I hope so…Please don’t dissapoint us, Valve 🙂

    1. Ade

      I’m pretty sure there are people out there who finished the games at least 100 times 😛 Like those looking for bugs, or speedrunners etc.

  10. Finished every single one multiple times but mostly it’s the GoldSource titles. I don’t think there is anything I don’t know about the first game and its lore by now. I’m ashamed to admit I can recite the entire game from memory…

    I found HL2 and the episodes didn’t have as much replay value, but I definitely finished the crap out of them many times all the same.

  11. Unq

    I have played each of these at least one time through. 🙂

  12. AI

    I have played all many times, and I still have my OLD Compaq W98 computer with my original HL, WON games on it, still works!! But on the computer I built for gamming I have the 2013 B2 version of FakeFactory’s conversion and I feel it puts Valve’s version to shame, as far as graphics go!! 😉

    1. Ade

      It’s silly to compare the 2 as there are 15 years in between…

  13. JG

    I have never finished anything in GoldSrc.

    1. Seriously? You’ve never finished Half-Life?

    2. Ade

      Your whole life was a lie.

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