1. Zekiran

    Wheee! Congratulations and I agree, let’s hope for many more years of fun filled mods!

  2. Happy Birthday PlanetPhillip! Thank you for serving the HL community with thousands of great mods! Well Done! *claps*

  3. Wesp5

    Congratulations! I would guess that without your site and all the competitions HL and HL2 modding would already have died a long time ago. At least for me, PlanetPhilipp is the one site where I come back to all the time!

  4. Stef

    Sadly i can not give you a big hug 🙂 …you diserve it for being so present an active with one of our favorite games

    just hope you will continue to love this game and give us things to play for still quite a while

  5. Happy birthday PlanePhillip 😀

  6. Karen56

    Happy Birthday PP!

    Thank you for all the work you have gave us all!

  7. Happy birthday planetphillip … and lets not forget phillip marlowe who is the backbone behind PP .. without phillip there would be no site … it was his creation and without his tireless work we wouldnt be able to experience the amazing maps,mods and information thats on the site … well done matey !

  8. kazbek Chechen

    happy birthday planetphillip I like the way you pass the modification is with great pleasure watching them good luck in their future work, I myself don `t know English writing through translator)))

  9. Congratulations Phillip, and thanks for all the work you still put in after so long. Here’s to 11 more years! 😉

  10. You are, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons the community is still around. Thank you for your hard work. Now if only Valve would release HL3… Or even talk about it…

  11. bobdog

    Holy Cow — time sure flies!! Thanks for all you do to keep HL2 modding alive, Phillip!

  12. Mega Sean 45

    Wow! So you started on 09-20-2003? Wow! That was even before HL2 came out! Mozel tov, Phil! Cheers to you and your site! Thanks for advertising so many cool mods so we can have fun while we wait for Valve to know the number after 2! 🙂

  13. Congratulations Phillip, and Happy Birthday!
    And i wish many more years for You and this essential site!

  14. Ade

    Congrats for keeping this community together for so long and here’s for yet another 11 birthdays to come 😀

  15. Max

    wow, that’s amazing :O

    i hope, that this page will continue to exist and not die like all the other half life modding related pages did one by one

  16. senator33

    Great site….and for all 11 years, thank you!

  17. Happy Birthday PlanetPhillip.com, I would like to both congratulate and personally thank you for all of the commitment and hard work you have put into the site Phillip, you have single handily kept the Half-Life modding community active and vibrant throughout all of these years.

    Thank you very much and all the best for the future!

  18. lj4linux

    Happy Birthday PP. A big THANK YOU for the greatest site and the great MAN running it.

  19. Firstly, let me thank everybody for their kind words. It’s always great to have people say nice things about oneself and pat you on the back.

    It should come as no surprise that I don’t run the site for that. I run it because I love doing it. The fact that people use the site, is thanks enough.

    However, as good as the site is, and I think it is pretty good, the Half-Life community would have easily managed without me. I just make it a bit easier to find those obscure or smaller mods. The big boy on the block, ModDB, carries all the really important releases and places like TWHL, for HL, and Interlopers, for Source, do a great job of keeping the community going.

    I’d like to think that I brought a new approach to supporting the community and helping less well-known modders get some exposure.

    I can’t finish without saying thanks to all the people who have helped me over the years, yes I have done 95% of it, but sometimes that 5% has made all the difference. It would be impossible for me to mention everybody and I apologise now for missing people, but Simon gave up a HUGE amount of time to work on the background data, Mazur kept the site going through his skill and patience guiding me through setting up the dedicated server, Dino for creating and maintaining the Recommendation system, Adam for creating a few other plugins. Honestly, A LOT of people have helped me and I whole heartedly thank you ALL.

    Let’s not forget all the mappers and modders that keep making the releases. Without them, I would just be updating and regurgitating the older (but still amazing!) maps and mods.

    And last, but certainly not least, are YOU, the readers. If the site didn’t have any readers I would have stopped. COme to think about it, it’s ALL YOUR fault. I could be outside enjoying the fresh air and smelling the flowers, but instead I’m working on the new theme with some cool new features, one is called “Bang for your Byte”.

    Anyway, enough typing. Go back to playing and remember


    1. JG

      I’m happy this site exists in part because of ModDB. So many ads there!

      1. Well, it’s nice to know that you visit PP because you dislike the ads on ModDB.

    2. Ade

      Don’t wanna bash on moddb but I love the level of maturity I can find here, and the proper moderation is always in place, so thanks for that.

  20. Hec

    WOWAAA CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! To the BEST HL Universe mods site available in the web!!! without doubts the best; lets make another 11 years more!!!!!

  21. Hec

    I just make it a bit easier to find those obscure or smaller mods

    Phillip: maybe an event similar to the memorable 100DoN, about those obscure little jewels could be fantastic.

    1. Ade

      Yea, weren’t those HL1 mods? Maybe do the same for HL2.

  22. vicarmman

    Happy 11th birthday. This site has been a real joy and work of art. Hopeful for many more years to come. Thanks.

  23. Happy birthday, here’s to more mods, and maps and even more years enjoying them.

  24. Happy Birthday PlanetPhillip!

    While I don’t get much chance to really get stuck in to many, if any, mods these days, I subscribe to the site (via “The Old Reader”) and read practically every comment, just to try to keep up to date with what’s happening…. Once in a while the comments tempt me back in to try an odd one or two, but I still very much look forward to reading what’s current.

    I suspect we’re all waiting for the next “big one” (the one that shall remain nameless….)

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