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Győri György

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13 August 2011




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I'm 43 years old, Half-Life player from 1999. (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. player too)
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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Trilogy
  2. Metro2033
  3. Metro Last Light
  4. Fallout 3 and New Vegas
  5. Fallout 4


  1. Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere
  2. Leon's The Closure
  3. Strider Mountain
  4. Offshore
  5. Research and Development

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02 Jun 2018 June 2018 - General Chat Hello everybody! Yesterday installed Rock24, Get a Life just for nostalgia... It's very good and ...
01 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat Happy Birthday, Phillip!
08 Oct 2015 Poll Question 324 - What's more important for you in HL3? Remember: finishing Half-Life is just the beginning!
08 Oct 2015 Poll Question 324 - What's more important for you in HL3? No, of course no, but i think if Valve releases a game, that's not shitty, i simply miss some n...
08 Oct 2015 Poll Question 324 - What's more important for you in HL3? Sorry, but for me the most important in HL3 is to release it finally!
11 Jun 2015 Forest Mission Ohh, sorry, The Closure (HL2 Episode 3), my mistake. I enjoyed Leon's mods (all of them)
11 Jun 2015 Forest Mission I'm waiting for that day, when i will see The Curse from Leon Brinkmann in this great site. And ...
11 May 2015 Poll Question 313 - What is your Black Mesa purchase plan? Hec, You're right about Half-Life and Xen. It's another game! I played BMS when it was free, and ...
22 Jan 2015 Poll Question 306 - What's the longest break you have had from playing HL games and mods since you first started? I am waiting too for The Closure... Seems a big mod. I like Leon's mods.
01 Jan 2015 January 2015 General Chat I am the first, i think, who wish You a Happy New Year, Phillip! From now that's all folks, i'm ...
27 Oct 2014 Poll Question 302 - Do you play too much? For me the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and mods never gets old. I play only in weekends, but it's not e...
20 Sep 2014 Happy 11th Birthday Me Congratulations Phillip, and Happy Birthday! And i wish many more years for You and this essenti...
02 Sep 2014 4000 Days Online! Congratulations Phillip Marlowe! Your site is part of my life! I wish You another 4000+ days! ...
07 Aug 2012 Half-Life: Uplink This was my very first Half-Life game I ever played on a Pentium 166 (!).I found this on a hunga...
29 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Apprehension The trash compactor scene comes from Star Wars, he-he.
29 Jun 2012 Half-Life: On A Rail Most of the real world's tram (or metro) tunnels ARE boring (except the stations maybe), so for m...
28 Jun 2012 Half-Life: On A Rail Vic, it was a great pleasure for me to read your comment about this level! Yes, it was long and c...
13 Oct 2011 The Way is Clear This had a part 2 too...
12 Oct 2011 Ruled by Insanity Great little map, it appeared on the TWHL site.
02 Sep 2011 DAV Sub Longer, harder, nicer than DAVTrain. Really good mod. The flying "machine" was a great cutscene....
01 Sep 2011 DAV Train This was the first mod i'm played after finishing the original Half-Life. The train section was ...
22 Aug 2011 Final Project Diary I like Leon's style of mapping This is a great mappack!
17 Aug 2011 Final Project Diary Please help me! I don't have the skybox in the snowy levels, that skybox with the giant moon! It'...
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