June 2018 – General Chat

1st June 2018

Right, sit down, I’ve got something amazing to tell you…..I actually played some Wolfenstein: The New Order this week. SHOCK!! HORROR!!

I have been saying I would play for months and finally did. I WILL finish it this month. Maybe even this weekend. I struggled for the first 15 minutes while I tried to get used to the new (standard for you) keybindings and also trying to remember how to do the crouching slide, but eventually had a bit of fun.

So, the new Collections feature is online and working. Looks like we need to address multiple lines in the description but the rest seems to work. I hope you take a moment to have a look.

This weekend, I will be posting the PDF of the fan fiction event called Untold Stories and at the time of writing this, it looks like we have 9 or 10 submissions.

I plan to keep working on my mapping and probably stream a bit too.

What about you? What do you have planned?

BTW, can you guess the name of the mod that the featured image is taken from?


  1. I don’t have much planned, i will probably just play some TF2 and try to finish some point ‘n’ click games i have in my pc, btw, what’s the name of the mod on the image? It looks really interesting and it will be something to play until nostalgiaville comes out.

    1. 1lucia

      I’m also wondering, looks really good

  2. I’ve been working on part two of Quiet Rehabilitation for HL2: Ep Two. It’s coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate on NostalgiaVille. Good luck to everyone!

  3. I plan on (finally) working on the project I’ve procrastinated the past few weeks – building my own active bandpass filter pedal! Aside from that, a buddy and me are fooling around with mapping again, I hope to get back into mapping more again this way.

    I’m rather excited for the fanfiction event to be posted!

  4. Hello everybody! Yesterday installed Rock24, Get a Life just for nostalgia… It’s very good and easy to find and download old mods from Your site, Phillip. I miss those very big adventure mods, like these and Minerva, Offshore, etc.

  5. I can sympathise, “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” took me long enough to finish! The nightmare of playing long games or mods on and off…
    I’m replaying “Strider Mountain” at the moment. missing front wheels and all! It is no way as hard as I remember and not stuttery at all. i think my skills were as low spec as my PC back then.

    That feature image is driving me crazy! I remember that mod just enough to know it was rather an odd one. I had a mod list I updated every time I played a new one, but a ransomware attack took it.

    Back up your data every week people!

    Someone please hurry up and identify it, before I go nuts! 🙂

  6. Glad to see the site is back up! I have spent the last couple of weeks replaying Heart of Evil – Napalm Edition. It’s my second favorite HL mod after the They Hunger trilogy.

  7. KRS2

    I love those mods! Especially They Hunger

  8. This is a random question, but how can I fix the sensitivity in the updated GoldSrc engine games? I tried it on Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life and aiming felt a bit slippery. No matter what I do, it just doesn’t feel as sharp anymore.

    1. Hmm that’s odd, I don’t have any kinds of issues with aiming in GoldSrc. I tested it out with different mice as well. Did you try to enable mouse raw input in the options? Myself I always have to have that enabled or I get some weird accelerations effects and sometimes it’s quite choppy.

  9. Unknown

    This is something random I have thought about for a long time, but it doesn’t get brought up much or it all. I think it’s a very important topic that people tend to forget about and the issues with it has been becoming worse with time.

    I noticed that Game Front has updated their website again. I attempted to use a lot of their old links and most of them did not work. Many of the mods and maps I came across were only available on Game Front as well. Now their is a couple issues I find with Game Front’s structure. They didn’t move or backup the original files. In-fact, you can still find many of them on certain links or at least the ones that still work.

    Since websites like MODDB are just leaving files behind the way they are it seems to me like “They are just leaving money on the table!” MODDB’s whole premise is to allow the free access of modifications, but why hypothetically speaking leave “Your literal bread and butter out in the open for any one to take.” It’s like me dropping a bunch of change and not picking it up only to find out later that what I thought was nickles and dimes was actually dollars.

    Game Front has revamped their website which of course is good, but I am starting too notice cracks showing. Why should people upload their content to Game Front? Especially if these websites aren’t giving a prior warning of the changes. I really think there should be a notification that activates prior notifying the users at least a month or so ahead of time, so they have a chance to retrieve their intellectual property.

    Their are many mods and maps that are no longer available or that were only available on Game Front as well. As well as other websites like File Planet for instance and now the entire website is being taken over by bots and files are quickly being removed as the website gets slowly erased. I think hosting mods and maps can still be free, but I have noticed a lot of these websites don’t market out too advertisers to help sustain the flow of money needed to operate a lot of these websites. I know bandwidth prices are rather expensive not too mention servers and maintenance.

    Another issue I had come across is “It’s incredibly unlikely” for not all, but a lot of people to re-upload their content to a new website. A lot of the people who have provided these files have disappeared from the Internet altogether. What I am getting at is their is a lot of files that your just not going to see again because of this unfortunate truth.

  10. Unknown

    I don’t think a lot of these websites understand “People can create private free servers” they don’t need to use your website to host these files any more! Would you want to re-upload say a thousand 1,000 files that took you over a year to Game Front again after they deleted them without telling you? I would frankly feel like I had been betrayed and I think a lot of other people feel the same way as well.

    “Oh, wow! You made a really cool looking mod. To bad we are going to toss it out like it’s worthless.” You break the users trust when you do that. Another big problem is, so I upload my files for free, but you keep all the money…their is no incentive to even hand over your files really. That does raise the question of when you upload a file do you expect the website to hang on to it forever?” Since that used to be the case of course. It’s just a very vague grey area in my opinion.

    Steam wanted to offer mod developers with an incentive program when it came to upload their files. I am just saying why not people who locate and find both maps and mods and upload them to the websites. More mods and more maps means more money for these websites. I am a little confused why that has never been an option for people to have. Of course there should be guidelines, trusted sources and screenings of every file. I think hosting websites should have a built in anti-virus program that screens the file before each upload to be honest.

    It just seems like a really outdated format that should have been overhauled a long time ago. The simple fact is “People will eventually stop uploading for nothing” and each time a website revamps without backing things up those files are gone forever. I just thought that should be brought to peoples attention.

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