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Richard Ellicott

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Male PC owner from Sinclair ZX-81, Spectrum, Commodore 64, Sinclair QL, Commodore Amiga A500 & A1500, Gateway PC. Dell PC, Dell PC and finally Home built PC.
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  1. FS2004
  2. System Shock II
  3. Deus Ex
  4. Nocturne
  5. Superfrog (Amiga)


  1. G-String
  2. The Closure by Leon.
  3. Minerva: Metastasis Trilogy
  5. Human Error

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Latest 25 Comments
21 Jul 2018 Open Question 001 - Why do you think Valve haven't released Half-Life 3? Half Life 2 is almost laughable by the standard of modern games, but I like it and would rather V...
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17 May 2018 The Extreme Team Experiment [recimage id=3] Vents, vents and more vents. It felt so Half Life, the sound of the metal ...
20 Mar 2018 Spherical Nightmares My previous review said something was lacking for a personal favourite review and I now know ...
12 Mar 2018 The Beautiful Indoor Experiment These maps for some reason left me cold and at times bored stiff. Agonisingly short and mostl...
12 Mar 2018 Cottage Escape Just explore find and use... That said the final puzzle is a little puzzling. Press the b...
05 Feb 2018 The Hammer Cup 2017 Winners I also think the 2017 Hammer Cup produced some quality mods. Ranging from er... okay to the "I ca...
23 Jan 2018 January 2018 - General Chat in 2018 i will, like always be playing my fps of choice HL2's myriad range of mods old and hopefu...
23 Jan 2018 Re-Poll Question 002 – Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? I would dive for the ammo and die in a blaze of gunfire or, if lucky head back for the health aft...
23 Oct 2017 Dark Interval: Part 1 I wanted to review this with a PF as this mod has the story, depth of environment and wandering...
10 Oct 2017 Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo Not bad, but the fog was excessive when looking for a route to the house avoiding instant death! ...
08 Oct 2017 Deadlock Deadlock is a fiendish little puzzle map and I cannot believe I spent over one and a half hours o...
06 Oct 2017 Spherical Nightmares I never played this before because my PC at the time could or would not run this mod at all! I fo...
23 Sep 2017 Epistle3Ville Very deserving of victory. Played it four times now and although the chopper has become a touch i...
23 Sep 2017 Epistle3Ville A good set of varying quality and length maps on the theme of Laidlow's ep3 development art work ...
12 Sep 2017 Fast Detect Fast Detect by Obergun (Steam version). “It’s a bad mod, impossible to play and just so terrible...
06 Sep 2017 Quiet Rehabilitation This map was nothing new, just a very bad day in Nova Prospect... A very bad day! Door mech was ...
01 Sep 2017 September 2017 - General Chat That header pic, lovely but ooooh the heartache! I have to pick up my tweezers, paintbrushes a...
28 Aug 2017 Fast Detect Verified integrity of local game files and missing files were reloaded and the issue solved! Phew...
27 Aug 2017 Fast Detect Another 3 hours or more into this epic mod and my only complaint is the age of my PC, causing my ...
24 Aug 2017 Research And Development I simply refuse to believe I was the fastest to finish! Maybe my brain was in gear those few days...
22 Aug 2017 The PTSD Mod I found this mod entertaining and puzzling, in the slightly raised eyebrow kind of way. Some inte...
22 Aug 2017 From Combines First off this is the nth mod I have played a combine soldier; remember the ‘red eye’ in the Citi...
16 Aug 2017 Research And Development First off, congratulations on an old but fully working mod! I never finished this originally, ma...
11 Aug 2017 From Combines I couldn't find the 'cool new night vision' until you got me thinking. I have Gordon's flashlight...
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