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Latest 25 Comments
20 Nov 2015 Next Mapping Challenge Despite not wanting to deal with Hammer again, I find myself interested anyways. Funny thing is I...
24 May 2015 RaiseTheBarVille Podcast Howdy, for those interested, my name is Justin Carlton and I made the Delayed entry for the compe...
28 Apr 2015 RaiseTheBarVille - Joint Mapping Challenge with MapCore As always, my entry turned out to be more work than I anticipated, but it's done. Hope everyone e...
20 Sep 2014 Happy 11th Birthday Me You are, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons the community is still around. Thank you for your ha...
25 Jul 2014 CombinationVille I suppose it will depend on whether they release modding tools for it right off the bat. I would ...
25 Jul 2014 CombinationVille As I mentioned, I entered this competition as an excuse to turn these ideas it a reality. From on...
25 Jul 2014 CombinationVille Unfortunately, that shooting is so aggressive that you can't really use it when the player has to...
25 Jul 2014 CombinationVille I kick myself for not making the first panel a different color than the background wall. It would...
25 Jul 2014 CombinationVille I made a mistake? Psh, never! :)
24 Jul 2014 CombinationVille Canal Flight Short but sweet for me. I have a love for the airboat, so I'm always happy to hop ...
10 Dec 2013 DefendVille Happy to hear you enjoy my maps so much!
10 Dec 2013 DefendVille WOW, that is a HUGE review! Thanks for all the feedback.
09 Dec 2013 DefendVille I'm glad you enjoyed it!
09 Dec 2013 DefendVille Couple of thing I forgot to mention in my review. I understood what was going on, but it may have...
09 Dec 2013 DefendVille I was wondering how you kept them away from the mines. I have to do hacky things like that in my ...
09 Dec 2013 DefendVille It took me a while, but here are my thoughts. Outpost 243 A somewhat generic experience. There ...
25 Nov 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille Submitted. Balancing the game play in this entry took far more time than I expected or wanted. Le...
02 Nov 2013 AmbushVille Thanks a lot for the video play through! Always fun to watch someone play what you spend so much ...
02 Nov 2013 AmbushVille Doh! That was a glitch I wasn't aware of. Apparently needed to put in a vehicle clip. Oh well. Yo...
30 Oct 2013 AmbushVille I know how it is. There is something extremely buggy in my map that I couldn't figure out until a...
30 Oct 2013 AmbushVille Some highs and lows with this competition. I have some minor screen glare during the day, so the ...
21 Oct 2013 3x10: Competition 1: AmbushVille The concept managed to tempt me. I'm satisfied with my entry, especially considering I could only...
24 Sep 2012 VerticalVille That would make too much sense.
16 Aug 2012 ForestVille I had a bit of fun with these maps, or perhaps I was in a good mood? Either way I enjoyed myself....
16 Aug 2012 ForestVille Unfortunately, by disabling the fog you inadvertently killed the experience for yourself. The cho...
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