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1st January 1998

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  • Title: Counter-Life
  • Filename: hl1-sp-counter-life.7z
  • Size: 42.9 MB

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  1. Mod Resource

    You might be asking yourself, “Why is he reviewing this? Its Counter-Strike!” Well, it is and it isn’t. Its Half-Life single-player, with the weapons of Counter-Strike instead of the default HL weapons. First things first, its very fun, especially if you have nice skins for CS. The eye-candy is nice. Anyway, its the same great story-line of HL, you know, experiment goes wrong, aliens outta the walls, soldiers everywhere, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    As for the bad, the weapons need to be tweaked a bit more. They are very powerful, almost too powerful if you ask me. Another downside is, considering how much HDD space the CS models folder takes up, think of that doubled, because Counter-Life duplicates it, puts it in its own folder, and modifies the Half-Life SP code to use the new models and gameplay mechanics. In short, Counter-Life adds a new twist to HL, and it turns out to be pretty good.

    Good: Half-Life with Counter-Strike weapons; unbeatable story.
    Bad: Nothing really new; can take up ALOT of space; weapons might be too powerful.
    Rating: 4/5

  2. HL Masta
    Play It Now!

    Link is…………..

    Fully WORKING!

  3. Has its own installer. The’Install” button never becomes active pour moi.

  4. tox (dev)
    Play It Later

    Well, very interesting, but un-balanced MOD

  5. Avoid It!

    Terrible batch file installer that leaves many files un-copied (from your CS folder, if you have one). I had to copy them manually after many error messages identifying the files.
    This is Half Life with money instead of health to buy CS weapons. What’s the point? Not one new map! Played the first maps up to the office complex, hoping for something different to happen, but no. Leave it alone I say, like the “author” should have.
    A heresy. A waste of time and HD space

  6. Woodson
    Play It Now!

    I agree that the weapons are un-balanced but I think it gives it a new kind of challange.
    But other than that I think its a great mod, to bad I only got the beta so I cant play it all but its still fun as hell.

    And to the coment about it taking much space it only adds 140megs and counter-strike is 240megs so it doesent take that mutch space at all.

  7. katsumi

    every time I try to start it says missing money.mdl

  8. check your counterstike model folder for it.If its there put it in the mods model folder or in the half life/valve model folder.I forget which one.

  9. lolz

    i need help I dont know where to put the …
    i cant even find my steam folder I need help

  10. Gilfrarry

    This link will tell you where to install HL mods in general.

  11. mcrip
    Think Twice

    Installation needs much time, there are many errors you have to fix. Small download an much work before you can play.

  12. VlaDiK!

    Its super mod!!!! :):):)
    A counter-strike weapon its good!!
    AK-47 Here
    good !

  13. Play It Later


  14. Think Twice

    There’s not much new here. It’s the same half life with new models… the weapons are way overpowered btw.

  15. Personal Favourite

    Another experience of Half-Life. I was getting in love with that sniper. I will miss this mod. It reminds me of many shooters I played where I was a real hero with a sniper rifle and the scope. This is one of them. Return to Castle Wolfenstein also has an automated Sniper Rifle. It was a rock, but they made it wrong, because in some games enemies get stunned by the first shot in other do not. So it’s like taking and dealing damage in Wolfenstein. In Half-Life it’s the opposing, there’s not an exchange of fire if you are really quick. Still in Wolfenstein, the single shot sniper were the best, because it’s bullets not only stun but kill with 1 headshot. It always depend on the parameters established of enemy behaivour and bullet reception to determine which sniper is the best.

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