The Lounge

for Half-Life

29th April 2006


This level is some sort of lounge area. Obviously, a few of those friendly little guys from xen have been teleporting in and killing everyone. Gordon is taking a break and happens to come across the mess in progress.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Lounge
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-lounge.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 88.0Kb
  • Author: Mike Warren AKA PieGnome
  • Date Released: 30 December 1998
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  1. Anonymous

    This level has a somewhat broad definition of the term ‘lounge” with its cramped rooms, long dark hallways, and mistreatment of neighboring walls (i.e. ripping them completely apart). With those stupid comments aside, this map isn’t that terrible. It’s not great either, and I think this might be the author’s first map or something (With a release date of Dec 1998, how can it not be). This map doesn’t come with an end either, so you’ll have to make due with a psychodelic lightshow at the end of the map. However, if you’re really bored and want to kill about 2 minutes of time (minus the time downloading), go ahead and download.

    Fun challenge: Try to save the security guard and the scientist… or don’t…

  2. Michael Warren
    Think Twice

    HOLY CRAP, I can’t believe that this map is still available. I made this “level” over 10 years ago, and the previous reviewer is right about it being my first one (actually, I think it’s the only one). It shouldn’t have even been released, but I rushed it out for the distinction of releasing one of the very first user-made single player maps.

    While it never came to fruition, I got more ambitious with this level and planned on making it into a 3 level adventure. The idea was that Gordon had wound up at some secondary facility run by the Black Mesa folks and of course something or other would go wrong. I used The Lounge as a starting point but it led to a rooftop battle with a helicopter and then to ground level where the player would’ve had to have re-entered the building. I planned some sort of escape sequence where the player would have to rush out of the facility before it blows, but I never got past making the first stage. It’s since been lost in time but I put many hours into it and it was actually a pretty good and challenging stage. There was a cool scripted moment of a security guard crashing through a skylight and busting through a table, some “pressure” activate guns, and some other fun stuff.

    Check out The Lounge if you have a morbid curiosity.

  3. Think Twice

    Single, very short map, very tight hallways and undetailed. Yes, I know what the author wrote above here 😉 But hey, that’s what my first map would look like lol
    It’s not bad for a first map as it has some nice lil combat, nice lighting, music and well, it could’ve been much better hehe
    Unfortunately it ends after like 1-2 minutes as the beams are supposed to be a teleportation to Xen.
    Whatever, I kinda liked playing it and as you can find more weapons in the crates and shelf it started getting more interesting.. but, all were dead already and there’s no mapchange 🙁

    -Somehow good atmosphere
    -Good combat, very fair – possibly too fair 😉

    -Ultra short
    -Very basic, undetailed design & architecture (but the last rooms / entrance look nice)
    -Less variation in enemy types, weapons (until the last room, but then no weapons needed anymore)
    -No story, nor puzzles
    -Balancing, it’s way too easy (the healthkit is unnecessary)

  4. Play It Later

    Very short but actually has lighting and some detailing. Worth it to experience another ’98 map.

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