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2nd June 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

After a heavy flash you and some others have been transported to an outer realm zone!

Your only option is to kill all the bad dudes!

And of course, STAY ALIVE!!

Basic Details
  • Title: Rogat
  • File Name: hl1-sp-rogat.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 7.88kB
  • Author: HaLf-DeAd
  • Date Released: 03 April 1999
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Installation Instructions
  • Copy rogat.bsp into your Half-Life 1 Maps folder.
  • Launch Half-Life 1o
  • Open the console and type map rogat.
  • Press enter/return or click the Submit button.
  • Play and Enjoy.

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WARNING: The screenshots contain spoilers.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
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Avoid It!Phillip says Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!Avoid It!


  1. Mel
    Avoid It!

    Just a waste of time, no game here just kill a few aliens in a one set room.

  2. Phillip says Avoid It!

    I forbid you to download, install and play this map. It’s terrible. Sorry, but there is no other way to say it.

    Just a room full of enemies and a weapon. Waste of the mappers time, my time posting it and your time playing it.

    Just a quick warning: don’t post any comments about why I post maps like these – I will simply delete the comment.

  3. Avoid It!

    Despite the negativity I downloaded, installed and ran this atrocity. This map holds my current record time for being bored.

    Drum roll please

    Less than 30 seconds.

    Its just running around getting weapons and kill or be killed.

    I’m assuming this is one of those never-ending maps, but in the spirit of the 100 summer days of nostalgia I gave it a go, I wish I hadn’t but there you go. In 1999 this must have been one of the authors first maps which he shouldn’t have released, instead he should have learnt from it and built something better.

    Unfortunately, even though it is only a few kilobytes its a waste of disk space.

  4. Avoid It!

    The map consists of a big square room filled with monsters and soldiers. There are some Xen fungi which hang in the air. Well, every designer makes such map when learning the editor (it feels like a big achievement by the way, because when you know nothing about mapping even simple square room is very hard!). And the testmaps look like that too, as there’s no reason to make them look decent. But releasing it, of course, was a waste of time.

    At least I had some fun by luring zombies under the Xen trees. This is something that I’ve never done before in Half-Life. And, just like Xen fungi, these trees hang in the air…

  5. Avoid It!

    Oh god, is this one a stinker. This is another first map, released only a handful of months after Half-Life came out, and that generally doesn’t bode well. Nor does it in this case.

    When I said MAP earlier, that was a bit of a misnomer. ROOM would’ve been more accurate. Yes, this is one of those first releases that only consists of one single large room. If it was a pretty room the map would have been recieved at least slightly better, but no, the walls, floor and ceiling are all textured differently to clashing effect, plus the Xen plants are all floating in the air. I’m serious, not even one was positioned correctly on the ground. If I had one positive comment, at least the author used Xen textures instead of dull grey brick walls, but if that’s the best I can say, that should tell you something. For some reason, though, my framerate was chugging along while playing this map, probably due to the ridiculous size of the room.

    And the gameplay, ooh boy, the gameplay. A liberal sprinking of zombies, about 5 alien slaves and around 4 grunts (which the slaves generally kill pretty damn quickly) are in the room. You must kill them. That’s it. As you imagine, this isn’t particularly hard, especially since the author decided you needed the gluon gun, the magnum and the crossbow for this arduous task, among others. The large room makes it so staying away from the enemies hillariously easy, too. This isn’t even on the level of those oh-so-common arena maps, since there’s practically no variation in monsters, plus once you kill them they don’t even respawn, so there’s nothing left to do except run around contemplating the meaning of existence, kill yourself or quit.

    In fairness, the readme does at least TRY to give a semblance of a story. Sure, it’s only 6 lines long, and sure, it doesn’t extend beyond saying how you have to kill all of the “bad dudes”, but still, at least an attempt was made. However, as you’ve probably gathered, I do not think this map was particularly excellent. Avoid.

  6. Unq
    Avoid It!

    This might just be the worst Half-Life map I’ve ever played, and I’ve played some real stinkers. This was just terrible on all fronts: concept, design, execution. It had no business being released. I want my 8kb of bandwidth back.

  7. 2muchvideogames

    This was an excellent map in a large, spacey room. Very unique from most maps due to the Xen-setting and abundant use of Xen trees and spores of all sizes. There is some variety in the enemies to battle, as well as the weapons provided to you in the beginning. Reminds me of typical paintball arenas. This would make a great locale for one of those opposing force displacer teleportation spots.

    Ok, I was kidding. I’m not too fond of killboxes either.

  8. Avoid It!

    It’s short

    Just a room with some weapons and enemies
    Texturing doesn’t make any sense

    Overall: AVOID IT.

  9. Avoid It!

    This reminds me of a map I did years ago with a room full of Barneys, a short corridor, and then a room full of grunts. As stupid as that map was it was better than this one – LOL

  10. Hec
    Avoid It!

    No HEV suit, few ennemys few action, the only way ROGAT can have a future is like joining together in a chain many maps with more ennemys and paths trying to have something to do, I think from the future on, i’ll call worse maps as this as “rogatish maps”, lol, is good to have ROGAT as a reference of what is a really worse hl map or mod….

  11. Avoid It!

    This map was obviously a test map for a beginning mapper and for that reason it should not have been released to the public by the mapper. However, it has so I will try to review it.

    The map is simply a large kill box with Xen-like environment and a handful of enemies. Most of the enemies will kill each other before you can so the map is very short. There are plenty of weapons and ammunition scattered about but without spawning with an HEV suit, there is no way to switch weapons when you run out of ammo.

    The inclusion of the Xen Trees allows you to kill all the enemies by luring them into range of the tree’s claw so it is still possible to kill everything even when you can’t shoot. The map does not end when you kill everything so you will need to exit manually.

    As stated before this map is purely a test map and is not fit for public consumption.

  12. Avoid It!

    Wow… Well, theres not much to say. You have to play these bad maps time to time, so you can enjoy those better ones or something….

  13. Avoid It!

    Like everyone else has said so far, this one is terrible.

    It’s a large room full of grunts, zombies and vortigaunts along with weapons and other xen objects, and the point is to kill everything. On top of that it is incredibly easy because you have a 9mmAR, shotgun and a tau cannon, I only had to kill one grunt as the zombies and vortis did the rest of it for me! Once you have killed all the “bad dudes” thats it. Nothing else happens. It’s also incredibly short and took me about 30 seconds at the maximum, I’ve spent more time writing this “recommendation”.

    Simply put, it’s terrible.

  14. Avoid It!

    None of them.
    1. Laggy even when everyone is dead (10000+ epoly).
    2. RAD uncompiled.
    3. Very poor brushwork.
    4. No HEV suit.
    5. No melee weapon.
    6. No ending.

  15. lol wow! 14 times “avoid it” – come on guys.. may I click download? xD

  16. Avoid It!

    Again, I rarely put Avoid It ratings on maps or mods, and I personally hate doing it, but I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. There is no point for this map to exist. DON’T PLAY IT! NOT EVEN WORTH THE 7.9KB

  17. Avoid It!

    Everyone else said it already, no HEV suit, no crowbar, a few zombies, slaves and grunts with a lot of weapons (including the crossbow and the Tau Cannon) and a big, BIG room that even made the game lag a bit, this map is just a waste of everyone’s time, avoid

  18. Big square room with a handful of aliens and grunts. You don’t even get the HEV suit.. Only sorta kinda maybe a bit fun thing to do is see how many aliens you can line up and gauss at once.

  19. It’s a little lack of enemies. If he’d place twice of them would be better. There’s something worse you don’t see guys. 2 min of recording on 1080p is almost 2GB of space. His map is EXTREMLY DETAILED LOL, His MAP HAS TOO MANY FREAKING PIXELS!!!! It’s like his map is like x5/x6 of resolution compared to other normal maps just because the map is very very long and deeply detailed!

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