Conundrum 2

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: Conundrum 2
  • File Name: hl1-sp-conundrum-2.7z
  • Original File Name: conundrum2.exe
  • Size : 26.6Mb
  • Author: Doc Rock
  • Date Released: 02 April 2001
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  1. heyzors

    Along with the first game…it is very confusing if it is the end or not. As I was never relieved of the unbearable curiosity of whether or not I have beaten the first one (no one responded to my post) I am not sure if I have only gotten to a very tricky spot or not. Although, there is no where you can go or do in either game which makes me think that the maker is just horrible at making endings.

    Anyway…I am at a spot on the level “Nihilanths Lair” or something and I walk into this room with a holographic Gman that says, “Time to choose…” There are 6 square things in the ground with numbers (1-6) and blue electricity shooting up to the ceiling from them. Although, like I said, there is nowhere to go or do. The door has closed behind me, and there is nothing to shoot, destroy, use, teleport through, or walk through. THIS IS SOOOOO FRUSTATING!!!!!!!

  2. andyb

    walk upto the post with the blue streak marked “1” press use key and a door will open and go through it and solve the that in order for all 6 then you get to go through the glass floor for a battle from hell.

  3. tommy

    i got to dead base and I cant find my HEV suit. where do you find an HEV suit. plEASE HELP!!

  4. tommy

    nvm. I have an HEV suit. but I got to the part with the coffins, the part where a sign says A rock will extinguish the guarded flame. I found a weird hyroglyph (SP?) and pressed it. The door did not open. can you help?

  5. Tricks, traps and puzzles, with an egyptian theme, like conundrum 1, but longer. End Boss from HL at the end. Like conundrum 1.
    Not much fighting. No story. Nice colours and lighting. Big scenery. Interesting puzzles, some difficult and not obvious. If you like puzzles, this is great because it’s puzzles, puzzles. If you write the word puzzles enough times it starts to look, well, puzzling….

  6. geekofalltrades
    Avoid It!

    Much like the first mod, this one features puzzles in an egyptian setting… but this time, the novelty has worn off. The puzzles have become exceedingly frustrating. You’re aided by clues that are archaic to the point of being cheesy. Add in a few damaging jumps that are necessary to proceed (which you have to cheat to pass if your health is low), and this mod isn’t worth playing at all.

  7. Fadi naoum

    the install did not work on steam and I dont have the won half-life version

  8. BayTheMoon

    Even though it’s a bit old, I can’t understand the criticism of this mod, it’s superb. Played it all the way through with not a single glitch. Love the puzzles. Love the scenery. Although I thought the ending was a bit too easy. Definitely a play it now.

  9. Maybe?

    Strange contiunation of “Conundrum”. Whilst the setting is almost the same again, it feels a touch different. Maybe that’s cause of some other design. Nonetheless it’s typical Conundrum style with new stuff like skies and textures.
    The story of the readme sounds nice at first, but ingame there’s just none. It’s almost only an puzzle-solving adventure with less combat.
    There are some nice ideas like the top-view maze and some button puzzles. Or moving crates onto the right spot.
    In one room you have to solve six trials which are pretty easy and don’t take much time as it’s always obvious what to door.

    I like the design and lighting, sometimes it was a bit too dark so you have to use the flashlight.
    Once got stuck for a while as some scripts didn’t triggered properly and it’s not obvious what to do unless it finally work.
    The mapdesign can be described as weird mostly, except for some interesting looking sections.

    Overall it’s only worth playing if you’re into puzzles, you will be challenged for like an hour then.
    I don’t recommend it to players who want lot of action, as there is almost none.
    Sometimes you have kill a few aliens or shoot down an Apache, and at the end Nihilanth awaits…

    -Unique, typical Conundrum setting
    -Lot of puzzles are waiting to be solved, some are easy, some harder – and some are even unique and therefore very good
    -At least a bit combat
    -Some more-or-less hidden goodies
    -Good balancing (maybe combat will be too easy though)
    -Good playtime (~30-60 mins)

    -Puzzle-only usually, almost no combat
    -No real story
    -Not everybodies taste (setting)
    -Some scripts don’t trigger properly
    -Quite often unavoidable falling damage
    -Often dark areas
    -Design oddities

  10. Ten Four Reviews

    Conundrum 2’s readme file states, “Special note to you players out there: This pack was developed for you. All of you out there who have said that you liked Conundrum better than Challenger Deep because of the puzzles…well, I’ve done my best here to give you what you wanted, and that is more puzzles. I tried to make a puzzle in each map…something to make you think.”

    Conundrum 2 succeeds in that respect; this is right up the alley for those that really, really like puzzles. Although some puzzles are arcane and others downright annoying, they are for the most part relatively well-designed. Conundrum 2 may be best described as an “interactive mystery” of sorts, because there are clues written out on signs to clear up any ambiguities there might be. Sometimes, though, these signs are absent, leaving it up to the player to figure out what to do or how to achieve the goal. Worth noting here is that the annoyances from the prequel are largely absent, but these puzzles are not without their flaws. Some tricky platform-jumping is required in spots, adding to frustration. One of the first puzzles, in fact, boldly says “Beware the Journeyer, for the ground ahead takes careful steps to cross.” Figuring out “careful steps” means first plummeting to certain death instead of the author using at least a scripted sequence to break away said ground.

    Puzzles like these comprise ~95% of gameplay, which is a shame because with maps like these, there could have been some intriguing scenarios. Except for enemies dotted throughout the maps and the final battle, there’s no combat or typical HL-ing here. Whether that’s good or not is a matter of personal preference.

    The only real redeeming quality is the sometimes impressive mapping. The skyboxes look great, often jaw-dropping, going well with the architecture. However, a considerable portion of the maps just don’t maintain an attractive look; they instead resemble Quake II’s harsh outdoor color schemes. The actual layout of the levels generally flows well, but certain parts may lead to frustration in discovering where to go or what to do. Ron Smith clearly has mapping talent in terms of construction, but not quite in level playability and flow. Additionally, r_speeds often get in the way, causing the frame rate to seriously tank in places.

    There are other flaws: losing health points due to falling damage especially in the first half, virtually impossible platform-jumps, scripted sequences that don’t occur (which need to) unless the player moves along the author’s intended path, maps that just don’t look complete, and a weak story and ending. Conundrum 2 isn’t all bad; it certainly delivers a satisfying set of puzzles for those able to appreciate it. Ultimately, though, most players will go in expecting something in the vein of normal HLSP and they’d be sorely disappointed.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Thursday, 12th April, 2001 by Calyst.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  11. Personal Favourite

    Excellent and beautiful puzzle mod. Great level design (even if it’s not very detailed), interesting gameplay. Much more better, than first Conundrum. I love its” adventuring and enigmatic atmosphere. It gives me old console games” feeling. Really worth to play, if you like puzzle mods and old games.

  12. Personal Favourite

    An old favorite. I replay it every once in a while for the sake of nostalgia. Can be a bit difficult at times as the author is not generous with health. If you’re looking for a super high quality mod, I would say look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a mod with more of a classic feel, look no further.

    1. Mario

      Hi, i’m stuck in map con6 , i’ve open the first & second gates and then i,ve reach a something that using it it spines and hear like a door open but can;t see nothing …can u help me?

  13. piguer

    nice games

  14. Hi, i’m stuck in map con6 , i’ve open the first & second gates and then i,ve reach a something that using it it spines and hear like a door open but can;t see nothing …can anyone help me?

  15. Maybe?
    It is great!


  16. Avoid It!

    This is one of the worst mods I’ve ever played. Ignore the fact you can get stuck on this mod if you don’t save (not quick save I mean actually save) often. There’s damage falling jumps that you have to make. Puzzles that don’t make sense, and worse of all the end boss is just unkillable. Wow I had really bad time playing this one

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