The Silo Station

for Half-Life

7th March 2006

Basic Details
  • Title: The Silo Station
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-silo-station.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 401Kb
  • Author: Steve ‘Nailer’ Graehl
  • Date Released: 01 January 1999
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  1. Anon-00522
    Avoid It!

    don`t even bother to download this
    no story (start-hard)
    You start in a room with two door`s and only with HEV 1 door marine 2 door leads outside (first picture) go on the roof of the building enter the room there are 3 hadcrabs I think.Here you will find crowbar………
    Very basic texture not much details
    Ends when you pres one baton there will bi some explosions (that suppose to be nuclear missile taking off I think ) after that no ending sequence you can continue playing and pres the baton again…
    About 20-30 min play

  2. Mel
    Think Twice

    Another game played first many years ago this one given away by Computer Gamer. It played ok for me, however, it’s short and basic all about getting topside.

  3. Avoid It!

    Old single map with no story and many flaws, negative attributes.
    You start in a locker room with no weapon, no HEV suit – so go find at least the suit.
    There are less weapons and ammo available so take care! On you way to the rail several buttons have to be activated but it’s all pretty simple and obvious, it can’t count as a puzzle.
    Once on the rail you make your way to the popular Silo D, hit a couple of buttons again and voilá!

    -Rail riding
    -Tough combat due to less weapons, ammo

    -Very short
    -No HEV at start (I thought there is none during first play-,-) – go find it!
    -No story or puzzles, odd game design
    -Odd start – no weapon but a grunt with a shotgun.. (also see next Con)
    -Ridiculous death by a falling over container if you don’t take care (revealing a satchel, first weapon)
    -Poor and boring mapping, not very detailed or surprising – at least a bit good lighting

  4. Ten Four Reviews

    Just as with the other maps reviewed today, this is another brief experience; another similarity is that this is Steve’s first release.

    The map does come across as being the work of an inexperienced mapper but it’s not a terrible debut. It begins badly with a silly choice of two doors; behind one is a gun-toting grunt and behind the other is a satchel explosive to dispose of said grunt. From here it does improve, however.

    You’ll notice while playing that all the locations look a bit big and empty, another common trait in early levels. There was also the problem that the enemies – both the grunts and the aliens – weren’t placed very well around the level; you’ll find that the majority of them don’t even register your presence before you pump a few rounds into them.

    The level overall is very short and also rather too easy – again the lack of difficulty settings makes this even more of a problem. The ending is a disappointment too, just fading out after completing the unexplained objective and then, comically, fading back in if you wait long enough.

    However, it isn’t a bad effort by any means. It needs a lot of work but it is reasonable fun for five minutes and the download won’t tax your modem too much. It’s really good to see all these new editors emerging with their work and though this isn’t exactly a classic, there’s plenty of pointers that Steve could produce some could work with future attempts.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Thursday, 18th February, 1999 by Morgan.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  5. Maybe?

    The Silo Station isn’t what I’d call a bad map but it is crude. At least the balance isn’t bad and the map is interesting enough. The ending got a laugh out of me, rather than an actual rocket leaving the silo there’s just an explosion.

    I think Silo is worth playing if you specifically enjoy playing old maps (like I do) and if you can look past some of the author’s lack of technical prowess.

  6. Maybe?

    It was to hard for the disigner to put a rocket to fly, it is much easier to create an explosion. So many scientists staying in the control room just to see the hatch open and then boom, nothing happened and everybody acting like it has to be like this, like no one expected nothing else. So they knew there’s no rocket. Besides, what a rocket is doing in the courtyard near the vagon?

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