MapTap 2.6.0 Now Available

22nd November 2015

Update: MapTap has been replaced by Gauge.

Alex and I are pleased to announce that MapTap 2.6.0 is now available for download and use.

Current MapTap users should get a message the first or second time the run the application telling them a new package is available. If not, just visit the MapTap page and choose between the Update (smaller download) or the full version.

What is in the new version?

There are two new features in this version.

  1. After installing Source mods users will now be asked when they press PLAY if they want to disable the background map. This has been added because a lot of older Source mods crashed due to an issue with background maps. Users can choose between 3 response: Fix this and every mod from now on (not recommended) Fix this mod and ask every time or Don’t fix this mod.
  2. MapTap now creates a proper mod from archives that have single or multiple maps. We created a mod before but a user was not able to choose the map once in Steam. Now a user can.
What is MapTap?

MapTap is a Windows application that allows users to install and manage files download from PlanetPhillip.Com and It does not work with other websites, although single BSPs can be dragged and dropped onto the application window allowing the user to install the map to a game of their choice.

We have a large number of planned features but limited time and resources to develop them.

Video explaing the new features

What’s the codename?

For a few versions now, Phillip has been using images of Dutch master paintings as the featured image of the posts. From this version forward a codename will be given to each version, which matches a real painting.

This version’s codename is Twelfth Night, a painting by Jan Steen, completed in 1668.

Here is the full image:
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3


  1. bkadar

    so how do you know when to use the fix?

    1. Unfortunately, the only way currently is to try without it. Eventually, we hope to have a list that MapTap looks at and recommends action for you, but we have so little time.

  2. bkadar

    does updating create a new folder for downloads? there where a few mods that had not yet been installed and that folder is now empty

    1. No, it shouldn’t, unless you have that folder within your MapTap installation folder, which you shouldn’t. But even if you did, I don’t believe it would do anything to non-MapTap folders within the installation.

      Where was that folder?

  3. bkadar

    probably where it should not be

  4. Geoff Wales

    Did I ask you before about adding a search feature, Phillip? I have a few dozen games in my list, and they don’t really list alphabetically, being based on different HL versions.

    1. Not sure, but I will add it to the roadmap.

  5. jim

    getting the holy headcrabs for the maptap page, so i can’t find out if it works on linux… yaknow, cause some of the mods say ‘use maptap *sprays foamy spittle* maptap!!!’ and i’d need it to play the mods.

    1. Unq

      MapTap was renamed to Gauge, page is here:

      Pretty sure it’s Windows-only, sorry.

    2. There are no maps or mods on this site that require Gauge/MapTap, it just ,makes it easier to install.

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