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1st January 1998

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  • Title: Quake
  • File Name: hl1-sp-quake.7z
  • Original File Name: quake.zip
  • Size : 1.29Mb
  • Author: Dean Harris
  • Date Released: 15 October 1999
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  1. map is E1M1 from Quake 1, with about 10 grunts to kill. Thats all folks.

  2. poisonheadcrab
    Think Twice

    Be better if it was the whole game and had quake monsters and weaponds.

  3. Mel
    Think Twice

    ok/short/easy on hard setting/dark sets/poor balance/not finish

  4. Avoid It!

    I think that map was ok, nice little conversion from Quake to HL.

    But there’s not that much to see and just some grunts against you, so ill go with one star rating.

  5. Think Twice

    So this is a 1:1 remake of the original first level (Episode 1 Mission 1) of the cult 3D Shooter “Quake”.
    What sounds like a nice, nostalgic idea, isn’t made that well – you’ll find out as soon as starting playing it.
    The reasons here are listed below…

    -Original “Quake” feeling, textures and atmosphere – good, but not super mapping in conclusion (see Con’s)
    -Some secret areas of the original game included (but always empty)

    -Balancing, too difficult – less ammo imo
    -Less variation in combat, weapons etc.
    -Bugs (getting stuck, graphics / textures, gameplay)
    -Short playtime
    -Not that convincing as it should / could be

  6. Ten Four Reviews

    Although the arrival of this level into the Half-Life scene is somewhat delayed by comparison to Quake2, I knew it’s eventual arrival was as ineviteble as death itself. And Dean Harris proves me a prophet.

    C’mon guys, remake of E1M1 (the slipgate complex) for Quake1, how many of you waited for this to be bestowed upon us since the beginning of Half-Life? Certainly I, but it wasn’t eager waiting. It’s true that my prejudice against “remake” levels is higher than most reviewers but with good reason: the remake (like in the movies… Pyscho, need I say more) never holds the same magic as the original. And the now legendary slipgate complex certainly has some magical aura of fun behind it for both single-play and deathmatch that never seems to fade. Maybe it’s unfair to say so, but I feel that when you make a remake such as this, you can only do worse than what you’re intending to copy; how much worse determines how good the remake is.

    In the case of this creativly titled map called Quake, Dean has done a very faithful rendition when it comes to the visuals, making what is nearly an exact replica in terms of texturing, architecture, and lighting. But saying that this level for Half-Life looks exactly the same as a level for Quake1, a game made three years ealier, isn’t complimenting. Indeed I felt disappointment that the many new gadgets that Half-Life editing brings (colored lighting, lens flares etc.) wasn’t used in this remake.

    In the gameplay, the enemy placement is not exact to the original. Causing no suprise, Half-Life’s grunts has replaced Quake’s grunts. It’s true that Half-Life’s grunts are a lot nastier than their Quake1 counterparts, but to accomodate this, you get a nastier automatic weapon and quite a few of those lovely MPf grenades that explode on contact 🙂 The balance was good to say the least, which is a decent accomplishment for the author considering most authors that attempt exact copies often fail to do anything about the introduction of new types of enemies and weapons that leads to upsetting the gameplay balance.

    The big problem with Quake though, is that it lacks many of the nifty secret items found in the original Slipgate Complex. The Quad Damage secret, the super shotgun secret etc. have all either been trivialized or made completely non-existent. While a suitable challenge is maintained because of the lacking of more powerful items, doing battle with only one type of enemy and with only one gun (and five hand grenades) turns out very insipid even in a level as small as the slipgate complex. The greatest consequence of these omissions, was the near total loss of atmosphere. It has to be said, although Quake is a competent and fairly faithful remake of the original, it’s pretty darn boring!

    If, for some reason, you still find remakes of the slipgate complex alluring, then there’s no extravagant problems that stick out in here that would hinder your enjoyment. However, and I think I speak for the majority, the many slipgate complex remakes I’ve seen for Quake2 have been enough to last several lifetimes and the magic that was there in the original was never – and can never be – reproduced. Quake, despite being a fairly decent remake in comparison to other remakes, is no exception.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Saturday, 30th October, 1999 by Jiang.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  7. Think Twice

    The first level of Quake is iconic and is imprinted on my brain at this point and Half-Life is probably my all time favourite game. So why don’t I recommend this map? Well, quite frankly it’s sloppy, unbalanced and just a little ugly.

    The triggers from the original map are completely broken, meaning some secrets are not accessible. On top of those, those areas that do exist don’t contain anything worthwhile.

    The grunts in Quake are cannon fodder. They are slow, weak and inaccurate, existing purely to be mowed down in the hundreds with one or two shots. The grunts in Half-Life are cunning and bullet spongy, especially on the hardest setting. They pack a wider range of weapons and are downright deadly in a squad.

    E1M1 was carefully balanced for new players getting into Quake. Half-Life’s grunts were designed to bring the hammer down on the conceited player who thought Half-Life was going to be easy.

    One more thing that has been lost in the port is the darker, more moody lighting from Quake. It’s just a little too bright in Half-Life and it makes the whole thing much less foreboding.

    Overall, worth a look if your curious and want a reasonable challenge, but it’s not going to please any die hard Quake or Half-Life fans.

    1. Well, quite frankly it’s sloppy, unbalanced and just a little ugly.

      A bit like me, then!

  8. Think Twice

    Clearly e1m1 .map file used and automatically converted. Lots of broken triggers – lift in water back up to armor doesn’t work, teleport in slime secret gets you stuck in a wall etc etc I don’t know if the map was touched at all after the conversion because there are missing textures and terrible balancing. The megahealth should not just be replaced with a medkit…

    Not really worth playing but if you do just play it on skill 1.

  9. Maybe?

    Welcome to quake. The first area says you “you can jump here” but when you are jumping there, nothing happens. So what should I do now? Lie in there like it was a bed.
    Thanks got he give you grenades, thanks to them we can make a way through. If not with MP-5 only would be near to impossible to complete this.
    That shotgunner over the bridge inside the building is just “wow” how dangerous he is. Beware of him. And by the end, tossing a grenade over the 3 soldiers upper on the ramp is possible, but the chance of success is quite low. It’s like a blind throw. Though.

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